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  • Comments Thread For: If Not Tyson Fury-Oleksandr Usyk, Then...

    By Cliff Rold - It's easy for folks to have their hopes up. Lineal and WBC heavyweight king Tyson Fury and his number one contender, unified WBA/IBF/WBO titlist Oleksandr Usyk, have kept the chatter up with exchanges on social media over the last week. Fury is coming with the insults and expletives. Usyk is responding with "belly." April 29th is being thrown around and, not for nothing, that's six weeks away and counting.
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    Plenty of guess work in this article. If Usyk does not fight Dubois next he loses his WBA title. I don't know why people pretend Usyk v Wilder is even possible!

    Fury is the only one who would be eligible for a voluntary defense because he has no mandatory challenger in place. (Why is Wilder v Ruiz Jr taking so long?) Joe Joyce can not fight Fury with him not being in the WBC top 15 either.


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      Well that was a whole lot of writing about nothing quoting the obvious.

      Both are in camp for the fight, no cowardly rematchroom clauses, all the belts for all the marbles in the uk where it should be & not in a blood money country.
      I just hope it doesn't piss daan.

      Fury's put me off with this last round of demands, i don't know who i want to win & who would be best for boxing.
      Looking back Ali was hated in his time for his big mouth, how will we look back on the big sasquatch?
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        Fraudy is doing everything to make Usyk turn down the deal.
        The same šhit was Haymon doing with Bud - make the contract so unappealing that the guy turns it down, then blame him for walking away.


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          Chisora 4- This time it’s personal!


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            Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post
            Chisora 4- This time it’s personal!
            Bit too soon, he hasn’t fought Wilder in a while though


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              Originally posted by JayCho View Post

              Bit too soon, he hasn’t fought Wilder in a while though
              Why not fight McDermott for the 3rd time? Three HW trilogies for Fury. I'm sure it would sell


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                If this fight doesn’t happen, SHAME! That said, the only other two I would get excited about would be Joyce vs Fury and Usyk vs Wilder.
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                  Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post
                  Chisora 4- This time it’s personal!
                  This is hilarious


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                    I have my doubts Fury will actually be in the ring on April 29 to fight Usyk. He likely refused more money from the Saudis than the 70% he would make boxing in GB. So he lost money there. Coming up with the 70%/30% was a last ditch effort as he had been embarrassed by Usyk for not accepting 60% to the winner. Now, why fight for less than the Saudi offer, especially since Usyk brings more skill, stamina, speed and will than anyone Fury has ever faced before.

                    Usyk has previously embarrassed Joe Joyce in a five round fight where Joyce was swinging at air most of the time, losing each round decisively. Joyce is nearing retirement age as is Wilder who has won one of his last four fights and not a worthy opponent at this time. Dubois has no chance. He will be outclassed by Usyk or Fury. The pickings are slim. Fury Vs Whyte was a pay-per-view failure and Fury Vs Chisora was on free cable TV in the United States. People in the U.S. don’t care about Fury. They could be sold on an undisputed championship, however.

                    What is worse than all of Fury’s BS negotiations is that he has learned nothing from his own mental illness that he talks about. He learned NOTHING! He calls Usyk despicable names and tries to belittle him. This is a potential opponent who currently is witnessing friends and family under viscous attacks by Russia. Fury doesn’t know or care about Usyk’s mental state because of this ongoing slaughter in his country. Yet the big blowhard persists in name calling rather than conducting himself as a sportsman and compete in the ring. Emotionally fragile Fury couldn’t care less about Usyk’s psychological state, as he’s turning out to be just your common sociopath. But let’s see if the epithet spewing “brave” man will ever set foot in the ring with Usyk, who has conducted himself as a true athlete.
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