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Comments Thread For: Lomachenko Tabs Haney As One Of The Best Pound For Pound Fighters In The World

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    Originally posted by AmpMcv View Post

    The irony of the fact that you have a pic of Loma after the surgery for his torn rotator that he suffered in the second round of the Lopez fight is unparalleled. You are an ignorant troll who needs love and patience.
    The injury wasn't severe enough for him to throw lots of punches from rounds 7-12 though.


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      Originally posted by AmpMcv View Post

      That's so dumb. He didn't. It was offered and he took it. At the time Haney wasn't a draw and didn't have belts. If you can put your emotions aside and click on a link you might google it.

      Loma said from day one he was after belts. He doesn't care about defending them he just wants to fight champions.

      It's astounding to me how hard it is for people to use a turn-signal, much less use critical thinking. Maybe I'm just giving people too much credit.
      No, it’s literally what happened. Lomachenko’s team requested that he be Franchise Champion. If you like critical thinking so much then use it.

      “Haney’s upgrade came as a result of unified and now former WBC titlist Vasiliy Lomachenko (14-1, 10KOs) being named as the sanctioning body’s “Franchise” champion.

      The move came at the request of Top Rank, Inc., whom promotes Lomachenko…”