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  • Comments Thread For: David Benavidez Doesn't Rule Out a Future Cruiserweight Run

    After begging, pleading, and launching curse-filled tirades in the direction of every notable super middleweight, David Benavidez was granted his wish. On March 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada, Benavidez will look to settle his long-standing rivalry with Caleb Plant.
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    A future run

    Not in our future.


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      He should have been Cruiser years ago
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        I don't think he's developed in the right way as a fighter - due to poor matchmaking, and because he's relied on being a big 168lber which means he can get away with things. Anyway, let's see how he does against Plant because I see him having a tough night.


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          Plant is a good fighter. It’ll be a chance to see if the hype surrounding Benavidez has any merit, and an equally good chance to see if Plant’s Jupiter-sized ego will hold up.

          And as always, we need a few surprise pee tests, just to keep things interesting.
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            Taco nipples is moving up soon. He looks like a goul at weigh ins


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              Originally posted by TheIronMike View Post
              Taco nipples is moving up soon. He looks like a goul at weigh ins
              Errol spence that nasty gyno. Looks like blood diamonds.
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                I mean...

                going up in weight may be good for him less weight to cut and easier to make/more energy..

                but the guys in the upper divisions are heavier and likely strike harder then the lower weight division guys, (that's not a dig at the lower weight guys you can just as easily be put to sleep by say for e.g. a bantamweight or featherweight boxer)

                and lets face it Benavidez and his trash talk will likely catch up to him sooner or later..


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                  There will come a point where Benavidez has to move up through the weight classes 'And fight closer to his natural weight'.

                  I have stated before, that fighters who extensively weight drain themselves in the lower weight classes 'Do not maintain their form or condition as well as other fighters who do apply these tactics to the extreme'.

                  The fighters who have the best longevity in the game, without any dramatic distinct drop offs in performance. Are the fighters who have historically within this modern era, not bought into the modern toxic weight draining culture I.E Floyd Mayweather Junior, Bernard Hopkins, Carl Froch just to highlight a few.

                  One of the major reasons why Alvarez's endurance is not really elite, for me is down to the compound effect of constantly weight draining himself.

                  Alvarez's endurance is not super bad, but when he fought Golovkin in his last fight 'He really should of been able to win that fight on pace alone, but Golovkin was able to match him in terms of fitness or maybe even had the greater endurance between them both etc'.

                  The competition I would say in the lower weight divisions predominately below cruiser weight division, is negatively effected far too much by 'The Toxic Weight draining culture'.

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                    Plant should send him a box of donuts. That would be almost cruel. Why not create a new set of weight classes. Like Super-Maybe or Junior-Almost.
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