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  • Comments Thread For: Richardson Hitchins Believes He Should Be Headlining His Own Shows

    While talented, the young career of Richardson Hitchins, at least from his point of view, has stalled. After a strong showing in the 2016 Olympic Games, the now 25-year-old inked a promotional contract with Mayweather Promotions. From there, Hitchins was convinced that he aligned himself with the sort of promotional muscle that would allow him to become a star.
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    You have to be an entertaining fighter to headline these days. Hitchins is definitely skilled but not fan friendly, if he beats Bauza in impressive fashion maybe that can change but as of now he should be the opener at best.


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      This demeanor is typical of those from NY, most can be a bit arrogant from what I have experienced. I like the kid talent but he can’t punch and makes for long repeated rounds with no special effects! I do think it was smart to leave Mayweather Deadmotions but the kid just need something special that will draw others and no one’s seen it yet!
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        Headlining in your house MF!!! GTFOH....


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          As I stated before, I really root for Hitchins, but c'mon, he's got to be realistic. He's fast, skilled, but doesn't yet know how to mix in his power shots without repeating the same sequences. Richardson should have signed with Top Rank if he really wanted to make a name for himself at 140, they have most of the fighters that he could test himself against and gain next level experience. He's going to end up fighting the likes of Love and Sparks on DAZN under Hearn, and then when he faces a top contender, he won't have the growth needed to prosper. But he definitely needs to put the "WOAH, wait a minute buddy, " reigns on all the talk about headlining.