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  • Comments Thread For: Regis Prograis-Jose Zepeda: Stats & Stakes

    By Cliff Rold - 2022 has felt a bit like a reset for the Jr. welterweights. The division is still hot. It can't help but be. There is too much depth, too many possibilities, for it to be otherwise. It's just hard been hard to top what occurred through 2021. The World Boxing Super Series gave us roughly half of the division's then-top ten unifying two titles on the waist of Josh
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    In a year that has seen some spectacular boxing matches, Zepeda versus Prograis may just be the best of them all.
    This will be a true clash of styles, with Zepeda's hard-hitting power up against Prograis' fast and elusive boxing.
    Prograis is known for his quick combinations and superb footwork, while Zepeda is a heavy-handed brawler who likes to get in close and work the body.
    It's a match-up that has all the makings of a classic, and one that boxing fans will be eagerly anticipating.​


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      I'm calling it now. Zepeda by KO in 8 after a few rocky rounds in a very good fight.
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        My picks are: Prograis Dec
        Parker Dec
        Whyte KO in 6


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          Great article....insightful.

          If Zepeda can keep his distance, box and move he has a good chance....BUT..... if Zapeda fades like he did with Ramirez or attempts to exchange like he did against Baranchyk he will not finish the fight.

          That said, I expect Zepeda to do more than just hold his own in a real fight that will be won and lost in brutal exchanges.

          At an exhausting pace, Regis will begin to time Zepeda in the middle rounds in a back and forth that can go either way. The shock will come when Zepeda tries to take a late breather and Prograis gets inside and connects with a short hook that lands like a loaded cement truck. All forward movement will then stop.

          In the end, Prograis will show everyone that he...IS...the most dangerous Jr. welterweight in the world.

          That's my take and I'm sticking with it.


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            This fight has so many good storylines. Two ex-champs vying for title honors, in what may be each other's best win to date. Regis Prograis has hurt everyone he's been in the ring with, and has the courage and grit to trade with punchers on even terms. Jose Zepeda has shown similar heart, tenacity, and determination in the boxing ring simply to get to this fight. His wins have been hard-fought and difficult, but if i remember right, incontroversial.
            Regis Prograis has more ways to win, and will show a few gears. But i want Zepeda to control the fight into a majority decision.
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              I miss the days when pay per views were for superstars. These types of fights should be on the old showtime n HBO type broadcasts. Also miss Friday night fights.
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                Tricky fifty-fifty fight


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                  Prograis whipping Zepeda @ss. So far 7 rounds it's close to a sweep IMO.


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                    Originally posted by HeyDeebo! View Post
                    Tricky fifty-fifty fight
                    NOT! Not a even a close fight. Zepeda is getting schooled.