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Comments Thread For: David Morrell-Aidos Yerbossynuly Lands On November 5 Showtime Card From The Armory

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    Originally posted by Loque-san View Post

    Maybe but there's a difference between being ****y and insulting someone, and I bet the insults towards Benavidez that have been reported on here and attributed to Morrell were nowhere to be found in the interviews you've seen of him.

    His handlers did the talking and either got cold feet when Benavidez's dad reached out to them or maybe they just listened to Shields who said he would like Morrell to have a few more fights before taking on Benavidez. His team made him look bad anyways.
    Yeah could be as I haven't found any interview other than him saying personally he would be ready next year for a fight of that magnitude.


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      Whenever they fight, you will see Morell demolishing Benavidez. Benavidez is a fatty guy who barely can make the 168 pounds. His resume is not so relevant, he defeated only 2 guys at the end of their careers, Lemeaux and Direll, the rest were bumps. I don't know why so much fanfare with this guy?