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PBC's contract with Fox is almost over. What happens next?

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  • PBC's contract with Fox is almost over. What happens next?

    The Fox and PBC deal is only good for a few more months. It looks likely Fox will be ending the deal and not renewing. Fox has not really invested in boxing. I understand that PBC has been putting a lot of stuff on Pay Per View now because Fox will no longer cover expenses.

    Showtime is still in boxing for now although I have long speculated they would leave as they don't get much ratings from it and it takes a lot of budget that they can otherwise get a better ROI on, like TV shows.

    So 2 questions:

    1. What happens if Fox ends the deal? PBC has lots of fighters and a lack of dates.

    2. What if BOTH Fox and Showtime leave boxing in the next year? I doubt other TV channels will come in with big bucks to make a deal with PBC. Everyone has been leaving boxing or is close to the way out. HBO got out, Fox will probably leave, DAZN has been losing money hand over fist, what happens in this scenario? PBC has way too many fighters that are overpaid and a lack of dates.
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    If they would’ve worked with other stables PBC would be ok. Cant really blame Fox if this is true because Al didn’t deliver the best fights but he had some good ones. Overpaying the boxers wasn’t smart for the long run


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      They still have showtime. Showtime is all in on boxing unlike fox. To be honest, fox is a waste of time.
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        FOX don't want to commit to Boxing, they don't feel it is worth it and honestly, they're not wrong!

        Either everything gets moved to Paramount Global OR they add another Network or out for Amazon, they seem to be interested in Expanding Live Sports Events on their Platform. Unlike DAZN, they was able to land the rights to Exclusive NFL Content, then in a Interesting move they recently did a Deal with ONE Championship (MMA) in which they will have an event on Prime Video monthly


        maybe PBC gets a Similar deal in which they do a Monthly Event Live on Prime I'm sure it is things in the works that they can't announce because FOX decided to pick up that Option despite not being willing to Spend much money on Fights so they just throwing anybody on PPV like Ruiz vs Ortiz
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          I dont think they will get many dates from Showtime either though. Showtime does not have enough dates relative to all of the fighters PBC has. In addition, the top boxers always fight twice a year and showtime cant show that many.

          The Amazon idea was interesting, but if they also only show boxing once a month that is nothing.
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            Don't know how they're going to accommodate all these fighters sitting on the sidelines for so many months now. Fighters whose next fights are way overdue; Ennis, Charlo, Stanionis, Crowley, Thurman, Santa Cruz, etc. Can't even remember these guys' last fights.. One network is not enough.


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              Protected Boring Cowards deserves to get dropped.
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                Having to cede production to FOX always kinda sucked - it got such a generic presentation.

                I remember PBC on NBC had a custom theme song composed by Hans Zimmer - wherever they go, I hope they get a little more control of their product in areas like that. Top Rank will produce their own stuff and it goes into their package no matter where they are; like the epic intro "THIS IS BOXING"

                Also, PBC/Matchroom... just me, I don't like the grey/black rings. None of that matters if the fights don't make sense though - they've made good fights but at time the matchmaking was really odd for what I thought they'd want to put on FOX; sometimes it felt like the opposite would be done. I'd somehow trust some of the good posters here on NSB who are partial to the PBC to have made more logical matchups in certain spots.

                As it stands right now, seems like DAZN is the only platform 100% invested in boxing, at the very least it would be 3 promoters on one entity. I guess I hope they stay with FOX though, hate to see it go out like that. More fights like Rayo v Dos Santos where new names are created on the spot from young/fresh fighters when they're in their primes. Seen Danny G try to get his groove back way too many times now F***

                PBC then:

                PBC now:

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                  Would HBO ever make a return to boxing?


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                    Well with fights like plant vs dirrel and fundora vs ocampo, does anyone really think it'll last long ?