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Comments Thread For: "Born Rivals" Eubank Jr. and Benn Travelled Parallel Path To Saturday's Showdown

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  • Comments Thread For: "Born Rivals" Eubank Jr. and Benn Travelled Parallel Path To Saturday's Showdown

    By Corey Erdman - Given that Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn engaged in one of boxing's most infamous rivalries, one would think that a fight between their sons who became pro boxers themselves was an inevitability. Though that turned out to be the case--the familial disdain and millions of dollars were ultimately too alluring despite a gap in size and experience--this wasn't the path the fathers laid out for Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn.
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    Can really feel the intensity of this "rivalry". Lol.

    Someone said it (Roy Jones?): this is only a thing because of the familial names. But they're not their respective dads.

    Literally the only reason I'm watching (streaming) is to see whether or not the underdog can pull it off in a weight jumping freak show. Which is the only reason I ever watch fights like this.
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      Trying to sell this B.S. fight because of their father names. These two guys were not on a collision course. The weight disparity and career timelines do not support it.
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        Eubank jr has bn grossly protected, I hope Connor wins which will solidify that.


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          Great writing Corey. Thank you.


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            This is almost as bad as Amir Khan jumping up to face Canelo. At least Amir Khan was tested but Benn has never even fought a top 10 guy and that is really bad considering hes actually in the top 10 in some of the sanctioning bodies. This is such a bad fight for him and hes going to get stopped. I hope they dont let him get totally flat lined. He isnt mature enough yet to fight eubank but at the same time Eubank is not a mature fighter either but he has so much more experience than Benn. Crazy fight.


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              Other than raising some buzz in the UK, I feel it's unnecessary for Benn and he's being manipulated. Shame since he has a lot of potential. But then again, a manufactured grudge to rinse 90s nostalgia fans is exactly the type of scumbag move I expect from Hearns.