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Spence-Crawford In Jeopardy, Delayed

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    Originally posted by hhh1200 View Post

    And Fury only sold 3900 tickets literally in a ballroom but they found a way to fight him. Get outta here. Spence is basic AF while Crawford gives you the complexity of Fury. They don't want to make the fight, just like they turned down 7 million plus a rematch clause up to 10 million for Jermall to fight Andrade. Again, very basic AF fighter vs. a complex boxer. SPence is all Haymon has left as far as a so called star.

    All 3 Fury Andrade and Crawford are clear money favorites against their PBC rivals.

    Everyone knows Haymon wants to sell Spence, Benavidez and Jermall to Canelo but he needs them all undefeated. Best kept secret in boxing.


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      Originally posted by El_Mero View Post

      Like i said fcukboi, bet accounts so u can stfu on here
      You're already on alt account, no doubt.

      Put your money up, you little ***** or keep it moving.


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        Originally posted by Gary Coleman View Post

        You're already on alt account, no doubt.

        Put your money up, you little ***** or keep it moving.
        Hahahahahahaha...typical response for a coward. Only alt around here is your lifestyle, weirdo.


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          Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post

          Purse splits typically are based on past revenue generated from ticket sales and/or PPVs. If a fighter brings more of that to the table then he gets a proportionally larger share of the purse. That's why Tyson Fury just got an 80-20 split against Dillian Whyte.

          ​​​​​​I thought you were smarter than this. But maybe you're hangups about the "brother" running PBC are making you irrational.

          Who's the brother running PBC? The frail man with agoraphobia? He's turned black American boxing into a joke. The only brothers making something of themselves are doing it alone, as men, separate from PBC. Not cowards taking commands from a man afraid to show his face. That's why real brothers like Andre Ward take their fighters to Top Rank.

          Holler if you hear me.