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  • Comments Thread For: Chisora Backs KSI To Beat Tommy Fury: He Will Smoke Him!

    Heavyweight contender Derek Chisora has backed YouTuber star KSI to beat Tommy Fury in a boxing match. KSI - real name Olajide Olayinka Williams 'JJ' Olatunji - returned to the ring on Saturday at London's O2 Arena in London, and won two fights on the same night. The first came against a rapper named Swarmz, and second bout was against an unknown in Luis Alcaraz Pineda - a novice professional boxer who entered the ring with a record of 2-5.
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    That Fury kid will send that Youtube star back to 720P. Idk if that made sense, but you get the idea.
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      Rather Jake vs Tommy, the biggest fight in the history of ... social media.


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        These YouTubers shouldn't give that Gypsy ducking bum the payday.

        KSI vs Jake Paul would sell out Wembley stadium


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          What's with chisora picking against the furys? I guess Josh beats Tyson also, and helenius beats tyson


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            A motivated Tommy beats KSI and Jake at the same night. He has a talent to become average boxer.


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              Stay on you tube idiot before a real boxer smokes you!


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                Tommy Fury getting into it with all these youtubers has probably paused his career.

                No momentum at all. To the extent I think I view him as a celebrity boxer.

                Maybe he just isn't really into boxing himself. He can make easy money via the socials himself. Or maybe I have it wrong and he lives in a boxing gym.

                I agree with Del Boy too. Tommy will know how good he is if we can't really. I mean how good is he? I've never read about him being a decorated amateur having won any ABA titles, school boy titles or anything. In my mind at least I wouldnt be surprised if Paul and or KSI beat him - based on what we have seen of all.

                These are athletic guys (KSI and Paul) and with Paul you basically have a seemingly committed guy with the application and desire not to mention the money to be a full time professional liable to improve.
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                  My aunt Connie fought that perpendicular haired lady down at Olen Mills and I am picking her to be Guido Charlemaine Fury. This ain’t news on a boxing site.


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                    When you are a professional boxer and your name is always mentioned alongside youtubers, you know you've done something wrong with your career