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Comments Thread For: Khan on Usyk: He's in Great Shape, He's A lot Bigger, A lot Thicker - Still Very Quick

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    i read somewhere Joshua was seeing Khan's wife in his absence


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      Sure engage AJ in a power contest. That's like Lomachecko coming in 10 lbs heavier and trying to punch with TEO. I'm sure Fury is counting the $300 million in his bank account right now.


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        Joshua is getting stopped this time.


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          Originally posted by Bipolar Hero View Post
          Khan still butthurt
          Missus Khan a little sore too, maybe, if the rumours be true.


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            I don't buy into this stuff too much. It's just like AJ saying they were focusing more on speed for this fight, and saying they were going to be more aggressive.

            The bottom line is this; The whole fight will be dictated by one thing, and one thing only; And that is how well AJ reacts to getting hit flush by Usyk. The first time around, he got froze, and was VERY hesitant to walk right in.

            If Usyk has put on more weight, and done so correctly; AJ is either going to be running for dear life, or is going to have to engage in straight up fire fight.

            At this point, I'd say standing in the pocket and trading is his best bet. It cost him against Ruiz, and his chin is *highly* suspect. However, he does have huge punching power, and if he hits Usyk flush, he can knock him out with one shot.

            He's basically going to have to gamble that Usyk gets sloppy, and he lands a homerun shot. Which is highly unlikely.

            I'd favor Usyk about 80/20 over AJ this time around. AJ has a chance, but only a puncher chance.

            May the best man win.


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              Originally posted by Sayithowitisuk View Post

              Only when he's fighting shot 38-41 year olds (4of6) with hardly any threat coming back.
              Deep down, you know you are talking nonsense.

              You dislike Joshua. He is still here, and he is one fight away from capturing the greatest Heavyweight win of the past 20 years.

              Joshua is not the most innately talented fighter, but you have to admit? He is maximizing his talents, the same way Chisora has etc.

              Wladimir Kilschko was in better condition for Joshua, than Fury. He had endured three back to back training camps, and had venom within him.

              Plus? I don't think he had the issue's outside the ring, he had against Tyson Fury. Issue's nobody wants to talk about, admittedly because Kiltschko did not make excuses. But it was a known fact that his woman was unwell, and their relationship strained at that stage.
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                Originally posted by PrimadonnaKool View Post

                If we are being serious here for a minute....

                Usyk gradually gained weight after he moved up to heavyweight, fight by fight, a few lbs here, a few lbs there. It seemed like a pretty natural progression for a guy who was making 200 pretty easily at cw

                221 vs Joshua 1 to me seemed like a pretty natural weight for the guy when in peak shape, 21 lbs North of what he weighed in (fairly comfortably at cw)

                He clearly lost a lot of size with the war situation, when he was IN Instagram for example he was looking quite gaunt, and I wouldny have been shocked if his weight was below 200lbs at that point.

                Now its likely that he would rehydrate, get back on a good diet and regain most of that size in a standard training camp, yes, however him being BIGGER than before is a major red flag, especially as, remember, this is boxing training NOT bodybuilding or mass gaining. In fact boxing training normally you LOSE weight.

                In my opinion Usyk is absoloutley not natural at this stage, just think logically about it. It wouldn't make any sense. To me it's obvious he's hopped on something to get back into shape quickly for the rematch and it's worked, really ****ing well.

                I'm expecting a brutal ko of Joshua.
                I'm a big AJ fan and an Usyk fan tbh, and have huge amounts of respect for his character and efforts in the Ukraine war.

                But he had 2 fights at HW, 215, 217, then 221 against AJ. A few lbs increase each time.

                He visibly and admittedly LOST lots of weight in the Ukraine war. So probably between 200-210 lbs.

                How on earth has he gotten to 236 lbs in a couple of months? You don't gain 15-20 lbs in a couple of months and still look shredded. Unfortunately it seems he's been on something. No doubt.
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                  7 days. The most important 7 days of Joshua life. Let’s see if he’s actually made for these nights or if he is going to choke, yet again. AJ needs this win probably more than any other boxer in the sport right now.


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                    Originally posted by Bipolar Hero View Post
                    Khan still butthurt
                    Where do you sense any bitterness from khan here? Stop reaching. You only embarrass yourself.


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                      Originally posted by Andrij View Post

                      Wrong. The UK is one of our 3 main allies. US and Poland the other 2.
                      Thankyou. I was gonna check the fool, but to come from you was much, much better. Glory to your country of heroes. That’s soldiers and civilians! SLAVA Ukraine!!!