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Comments Thread For: Espinoza: If Rahman Wasn't Committed To Making 200 Pounds, Shouldn't Have Signed Contract

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  • Comments Thread For: Espinoza: If Rahman Wasn't Committed To Making 200 Pounds, Shouldn't Have Signed Contract

    NEW YORK - Stephen Espinoza is baffled by Hasim Rahman Jr.'s abrupt refusal to meet his contractual obligation for his canceled pay-per-view showdown with Jake Paul.
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    espinozo is a fool for putting this on. you think he didnt know that rahman was 232 pounds when it was signed and that this would happen?

    even shawn porter called this, said it would get cancelled and Jake paul would start up the spin zone and use it for attention and claim a "victory"

    Jake now has two imaginary victories over Fury and Rahman, dude is becoming like Zellenoff with imaginary victories.
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      It's every day bro


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        Espinoza is a fvkcing dumbass lol how tf has that idiot not been fired yet?


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          This entire thing was a setup from the get-go. They knew damn well that Rahman Jr. wouldn’t be able to drop down in weight that quickly. He only had two weeks to do it. Paul is doing this for clout and of course the casual fans are going to buy into it. It’s all nonsense.
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            I don't know how cut and dry it is.

            It wasn't written in invisible ink.

            Jr wasn't wearing a blindfold or had a gun to his head.

            ''Wanna fight me ? Meet me in the ring at 200 lbs.....sign by the X.''

            And he did.

            As much as I think JP is a joke, he's not the one who's backing out of these ''fights''.
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              Espinoza been around boxing a long time. He's a fool for trying to build a hose on shaky foundations


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                Have to agree with a fookin' weasel.
                Pacta sunt servanda.


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                  Boxing nowadays has so much stories,twists and turns,I hope one day it can get back to what was once a respectable sport and get rid of all the garbage people involved in it.
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                    ''If you want to fight me, you have to have both hands tied behind your back. Sign if you agree.''

                    Do not bltch and moan about losing because you ''had'' to fight with your hands tied behind your back