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Comments Thread For: Photos: Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua - Face To Face in Jeddah

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  • Comments Thread For: Photos: Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua - Face To Face in Jeddah

    Usyk, Joshua Rematch Presser Photos Gallery - The official countdown to one of the biggest Heavyweight rematches in the history of the sport has started with Unified Heavyweight World Champion Oleksandr Usyk facing off with Anthony Joshua in the coastal city of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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    Their face off staredown was intense:

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      Joshua will have 3 rounds to go all in and try to knock Usyk out. If he doesn't, it's another L on his record, and years of Fury nagging him.
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        Not a good time to fight Usyk. AJ will have to land big and land early or he’ll get KO’d
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          Joshua trying too hard

          He's mentally done
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            The way Usyk was still looking at him when Joshua looked away….yeah Usyk has gotten to him mentally!
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              He's not even making eye contact, what a pussy!


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                Aside from all the niceties, I sense there is a bit of spite this time around between both fighters.

                Joshua seems very game indeed.

                I don't really think much technical changes can happen for Joshua. It is more so a attitude change, and tactical change.

                The version of Anthony Joshua who can beat Usyk, for me has already fought inside a boxing ring.

                I think he knows the type of fight he needs to bring. And I am actually in slight disagreement with people who are saying? That Joshua needs to go all out for a few rounds.

                Joshua fought the wrong fight in the first fight, he still made that fight competitive and lasted 12 rounds. Joshua does need to be more aggressive, but not frantic.

                This fight may be a fight of two half's, Joshua winning early with aggression then hanging on 'And switching tactics to more boxing if Usyk survives the bombardment'. I can envision that type of fight.

                I don't think Uysk has experienced the full power of Joshua's offense. But I do think Joshua has experienced Uysk's power at near enough maximum 'And he survived'.


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                  Joshua needs to watch some rocky movies and get the eye of the tiger back!

                  his loss to Ruiz shook him up good!

                  my chihuahua Jhonny has the eyes of a liger(look it up)


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                    Although AJ is my namesake with last name and have Nigerian roots as I, if he lose to this little MF'er again, I'm done! This like me when I was fighting as a lightweight losing to a Bantamweight. It shouldn't happen, Period! U 255 Lbs fighting a guy who's putting on weight and still won't be 230 by fight night.