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Comments Thread For: Gilberto Ramirez: Everyone Knows I Want Bivol - Stop Running And Sign The Contract!

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    Originally posted by Butt stuff View Post
    “Stop running”

    Just fought joe smith and canelo, wants to fight Beterbiev. But is running from Turdo.

    Maybe Turdo should fight someone half decent.
    He can fight Bivol, he is half decent.


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      Originally posted by NCBoxingPro View Post
      It's actually very funny that Zurdo thinks he's calling the shots. Dude been fighting tomato cans for like YEARS. I like him but I just don't understand why takes him so long to step it up. Dude he just fought was a Bum and NO ONE really cared about that fight.
      Bivol was fighting tomato cans before he fought Canelo.


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        Originally posted by nghtmr111 View Post
        I can’t help but to dislike this guy. Not the worst personality in boxing but the is guy is no one to be calling anyone out. Dude hasn’t done fuggin shyt
        Because they wont fight him. Example Bivol.


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          Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post
          The thing is Zurdo has always been calling out Bivol because he's considered the far easiest of the champs at LHW.

          You don't see the clown calling out Beterbiev.
          Maybe because they are both with DAZN, Ive never heard Beterbiev call out Bivol.


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            Originally posted by boxingitis View Post

            Maybe because they are both with DAZN, Ive never heard Beterbiev call out Bivol.
            Beterbiev has all these people shook.

            Bivol in an interview said he wants Beterbiev next for undisputed.

            Any real fan of the sport wants this fight.

            I applaud Bivol for the courage but he'll get stopped worse than Gvozdyk.


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              Originally posted by sicko View Post

              well yeah of course we all want that however, if not then those are good alternatives
              I agree with that


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                If canelo doesnt go for rematch and goes GGG way then the two best options bivol has is wait for winner beterb-smith jr or just fight zurdo since both are at dazn is the easiest one to make,beterv being with uncle bob doesn't help


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                  Originally posted by boxingitis View Post

                  He can fight Bivol, he is half decent.
                  He’s only now actively trying to fight Bivol when coincidentally he’s trying to unify. He’s chasing Beterbiev, the killer in the division, for undisputed.


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                    Originally posted by elfag View Post
                    its only been a week and bivol has no idea if canelo will execute his rematch clause

                    lol at this no hoper trying to get in the headlines

                    go fight andrande or benavidez since all those guys all claim nobody will fight them they can all fight each other, they can call it the over rated bum tournament
                    For the WBC Commemorative Over-rated Bum Belt.


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                      Not this Faawking guy again. Sits in the shadows and when the light shines on him he wants none of the smoke. GTFOH, must be cut from the same cloth as Mungia. ‍