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  • Comments Thread For: Fury-Whyte: WBC Purse Bid Once Again Postponed Per Request From Both Camps

    More time has been placed on the clock for Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte to reach a deal. Whether that results in a head-on collision or the pair of British heavyweights going their separate ways remains to be seen. Efforts to move forward with the WBC heavyweight title consolidation fight have resulted in yet another postponement, as has confirmed that a purse bid hearing scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed. The title fight more than three months in the making is now assigned a fifth purse bid date, with Wednesday's session reportedly rescheduled for Friday, January 28.
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    Idgaf about what a boxer gets paid, but its pretty obvious Whyte is getting more than the 20% his haters said he should only get.


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      Whyte should take the step aside money instead of the beating


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        Joshua and Whyte should both take the step aside money, then fight each other! $$$


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          You've really got to wonder what the point of these events even is at this point


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            Originally posted by El_Mero View Post
            Idgaf about what a boxer gets paid, but its pretty obvious Whyte is getting more than the 20% his haters said he should only get.
            Not quite sure what’s happened that makes what you said “obvious” but I’m sure you’d love to elaborate.....


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              They both lost they shouldn't even have to be moved aside, Fury Usyk is the natural fight.

              I can't see step aside happening anyway, is Whyte going to wait another year & a half for a strap shot or if undesputed did happen will the belts then split? Eddie & his cash cow won't want that, so another contract. Ffs.

              These Rematchroom clauses need to be banned.


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                Who cares. Bryan-Guidry this weekend for HW supremacy!
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                  Yeah, **** that fight

                  The all HW main card that would probably top Money May PPVs

                  Fury vs Usyk
                  Joshua vs Wilder
                  Whyte vs Ruiz
                  Hrgovic vs Kabayel

                  Get'er done. Them boys can fight, the money is there for everyone to make more than they do currently, everyone, and there's no good reason not to.

                  What we will get

                  Fury-Whyte after months of delays, with a **** card of nobody vs minor name. Like ****ing Greer vs Kabayel

                  Joshua-Usyk rematch with a likewise under. Both might give us a decent LW fight or some **** to go with their ****ty under, but most the fights will be ****.

                  Wilder probably going to retire. As much as I enjoy Deontay, I recognize he's got ***** in him. He makes a lot of ***** moves and has ***** tendencies. So I reckon he's done.

                  Ruiz will fight jokes until his next title fight

                  Hrogvic may fight Kabayel, but probably that elim will slide its way to a nobody.

                  Zhang will fight a can and move up in WBO ratings for it.

                  Ortiz will cry about ducking while making excuses for fights he didn't take and fight fooled like Abel.

                  By the end of the year Fury might fight Joyce. We'll hear about it mid-year, but it won't be ready to go until the very end, abouts last half of Dec.

                  Everyone else be like Zhang. Gonna fight dudes with losing records and no names and get moved up ratings for it. Then when asked to fight one another all of a sudden fights are hard to make for them.

                  It's a bunch of ****. I may need to get into a different division a little more heavily.

                  HW has talent now, it ain't the K2 decade, there's plenty of talent.....every single one of them is a ***** though. So HW sucks just as bad, maybe even worse, than the K2 decade. At least when Wlad was champion we were just frustrated he had no one to fight. Now we got plenty of great fights to be had and still ain't got no fights. ****ing suck ass division of entitled greedy ****s who wish they could be Ali but ain't a single one of them got that swagger because ain't a single one of them got any ****ing truth to them. Ali was real. Rocky was real. Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, and the whole division they preside over are just a bunch of little kids who can't quite bring on what their idols were.

                  Just gonna be a Josh Taylor fanboy now I guess. I'll watch HW, but **** giving a **** anymore. I'll say **** like "did'neigh" and drink scotch and talk about how great Still Game is how Scots are the only badasses in Europe.


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                    Why are they even putting a date on it? At this rate, they should just say it's postponed indefinitely. I'd imagine we're in for 3-4 more postponements of this "deadline"