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Comments Thread For: Jake Paul Amassed $40 Million from Boxing in 2021: Report

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    wouldnt really call fighting old, shot, smaller non boxers boxing. its more like a scam or a farce


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      Originally posted by ooMCFMoo View Post

      Well tell our boxers to start fighting the fights ppl wanna see..
      oh wait, theyre all too pvssy to lose their precious "0"
      You're correct


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        Congrats to him, man just turned 25, that is impressive!

        Great Investment for Showtime signing him regardless of the last event not doing well. They will make that up with a bigger fight for his next fight vs I don't know maybe Mike Tyson and I'm sure and the buys will go back up.

        Not mad at this kid, he don't need out approval he bring his own fans from his huge Social Media following and they actually SUPPORT HIM unlike Hardcore boxing fans who just complain


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          so an extra $5mil from Youtube it says but $40mil for 3 fights. in all about an average of $15mil per fight.

          This must include the PPV back end because Showtime wouldnt throw so much to Paul as a guarantee with advisors GUESSING that Youtubers would pay that much for a PPV or that Woodley would save the day. inflated numbers at best.

          the PPV prices for Paul Woodley series was too high and most of the Disney and Youtube gamer kids following Paul are Champions of illegal streaming.

          This article is all shill for Showtime staging Paul vs Chavez next? Mexicans would be geeked to buy this and do Paul fans even know Chavez?
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