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Comments Thread For: Roy Jones Praises Canelo, Offers Pointers On Jumping Weight Divisions: 'Special Guys Can Do Special Things'

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    Let’s not forget that Roy got busted for steroids shortly after the Ruiz fight. His weight gain was artificial which is why it ruined him when he lost it. If Canelo does go to 175 instead he won’t avoid the younger bigger Benavidez in the long run anyway he’ll just fight him later when he’s reaching the tail end of his career and Benavidez is entering his prime. Stupid decision if you ask me, he’s better off fighting him now before he gains top level experience. Same with Morrell who I also believe will provide a bigger threat to him than anyone in the years to come. You’d think he’d learnt this lesson from his Mayweather loss - fight them whilst they’re green and you can dictate all the terms.


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      I think the haters are missing the point. Yeah RJJ didn't fight the best HW and Canelo probably won't fight the best CW but Roy and Canelo shouldn't be there in the first place. Being able to go up in weight and beat a champ or even a top 5 boxer in a division your body wasn't built for shows how great you are.

      So it doesn't really matter that Roy didn't fight Lewis because he shouldn't have gone up in the first place and neither should Canelo but he can because he has the skill.

      One of my favorite articles about a Canelo hater was from Teddy Atlas. It was after he beat Plant and Teddy was crying saying that Canelo needs to fight Charlo. Teddy even admitted that Charlo wasn't on Canelo's level but he had "power and talent" so he has a chance of beating Canelo. Teddy cares more about Canelo losing than giving him props for what he accomplished. There's no reason for hate.
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        Agree. When Roy beat Ruiz everyone expected him to drop back down at the time. Ruiz was recognised as low hanging fruit just as Canelo’s potential fight at cruiser will be. I think the point many people are making is that in terms of his legacy in the context of the current mess that are the alphabet belts it’s less meaningful to do another title grab at cruiser than it would say to jump to 175 and repeat undisputed thing. Similarly when he beat Kovalev most people saw it for what it was, a title grab from low hanging fruit. Kovalev was known to have booze issues at the time, had almost been stopped by Yarde and Canelo forced him into a short training camp. That all makes it less impressive than it could have been. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that Canelo is one of not the very best at the moment and the manner in which he’s smashed his way through 168 has been impressive, but I’d like to see him continue impressing and a title grab against a paper champion at cruiser isn’t going to do that for me.


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          Originally posted by batista84 View Post
          If I were Reynoso the path would be

          Finish business at 168
          May 2022 - Charlo
          Sep 2022 - Benavidez
          I didn't realize that it was Canelo's uppercut that really fooked up Plant, not so much the initial left hook. Plant's neck was wrecked rattled from that uppercut.