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Comments Thread For: Tommy Fury Believes He Would Have Stopped Jake Paul in One Round

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  • Comments Thread For: Tommy Fury Believes He Would Have Stopped Jake Paul in One Round

    Unbeaten light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury feels confident that he would have stopped Jake Paul in the first round had they fought last Saturday night in Tampa, Florida.
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    Shut up Tommy, you blew it. Don't want to hear about what you would have done. It's pointless.
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      Sure you would have Tommie. Just like you would have stopped every other boxer on earth in one.
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        Go away Tommy boy. You had your chance at ‘’ easy work” but you pulled out with a BS excuse.

        so what if you fought a guy who fought 30x. What was his record??? Funny how he left that out of the article. Go back to Gilligans Island or the love boat or whatever the hell that BS reality show you were on.


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          I find Paul annoying, but I find the Fury's equally or even more annoying. Talk is cheap, prove it, because Tommy dropping out of the fight is a little suspicious to me, I think he was scared of the unknown and did not want to lose to a YouTube star. Don't get me wrong, I think Fury is probably more skilled than Paul, but in a fight, a lot can happen, Fury can get injured and things can get out of control real quick, I don't think he wants that possibility and I don't think he will continue to chase the Paul fight, someone advised him and I think that's why he dropped out of the fight.
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            tommy bricking himself paul doesnt pick him


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              ""The guy I fought coming out of Love Island had 30 professional boxing bouts and was a world kickboxing champion."

              I'm sorry, theres no name given. Was it the guy who was 0-26-2 or the guy who was 2-26-0??
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                Stopped Jake in one round and won millions and millions of dollars.

                But pulled out…..


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                  Jake Paul is good so unlikely. Pascal sparred him and said he was suprised.
                  but I want to see furious one v jake. Need to see Jake against a real boxer not mma guy


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                    Probably not a good look for Tommy to say these things after pulling out of the fight, even if he really did fracture a rib.

                    I did read that last bit, Jake Paul considers Chavez Jr. That's pretty winnable, if you look at how bad Chavez Jr has been for quite a number of years.

                    There is one former UFC champion that Jake will not beat in boxing, and that is Anderson Silva, who's really skillful, even in his forties.