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Comments Thread For: Top Rank Prez: I Think Fury and Joshua Will Fight at Least Once - People Want To See It

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  • Comments Thread For: Top Rank Prez: I Think Fury and Joshua Will Fight at Least Once - People Want To See It

    Top Rank president Todd DuBoef, who co-promotes WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, expects his boxer to face Anthony Joshua at some point in the future.
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    Let's be honest. He doesn't give a fuk about this fight.
    He only cares how to recuperate the losses he suffered from Fury's contract.
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      This is correct, even if AJ loses again to Usyk, as many do think, there's still a market for Fury-Joshua.

      As for Wilder;. he could also fight Joshua, but I think Deontay might be too damaged after the punishment from Fury.


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        Of course they will fight. If Josh loses to usyk again fury will fight usyk and if fury loses to usyk, fury can fight Josh. If fury beats usyk he can fight Josh also.


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          If AJ loses to Usyk again then I think it's a long road back to this fight being viable. Unless Fury was to also lose in an upset to someone.

          Joshua has lost a massive amount of faith from the casuals over that last performance,
          In fact his stock now is even lower than what it probably should be since Usyk is a tremendously skilled fighter, and slick shorter southpaws have always been a bad style for Joshua.

          But honestly and as weird as it is, Joshuas career Is probably pretty much over if he can't find a way in the rematch, and I doubt we would ever see the fury fight unless he does



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            Nobody wanted to see Fury vs Wilder three times, but these idiots did it. Joshua vs Fury is a bigger fight and this tool thinks it may happen once


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              Only reason I was interested was because of the undisputed heavyweight unification. It’s certainly was the only reason the Saudi’s were throwing up to $100 million at each side. Would they still be doing that without all the titles on the line? Doubt it.


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                Not as much as before, especially if AJ loses again and even worse if Ustick knocks him out this time which I think he will.


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                  Creepy qeer vs drunk robot.