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Comments Thread For: Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Liam Williams on December 11 in Cardiff

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    Originally posted by SteveM View Post
    Eubank has the name but not the pulling power - why else is it in Cardiff, William's territory?
    I was at Groves vs Eubank in Manchester and that arena was packed and was largely pro Eubank. Was also at Eubank vs DeGale at the O2 and that pretty full too and was very pro Eubank.

    I’m surprised it’s in Wales rather than London tbh cause Jr is a good draw from what I’ve experienced. I’m guessing Sky want him to play the villain like Sr done during his heyday.


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      Originally posted by Chrismart View Post
      Williams out injured apparently.
      F***’s sake! Hopefully they reschedule it.


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        Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post

        F***’s sake! Hopefully they reschedule it.
        Be a shame wouldn't it. The 11th is a busy night of boxing and that was the one i was looking forward to most.

        Coppinger tweeted about the injury, but since then i've seen nothing else on it expect for some tweets about it just being a rumour. Hopefully it is just a rumour that is floating around.