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Comments Thread For: Rolly Romero Likely Out Of PPV Fight With Gervonta Davis Due To Sexual Assault Allegation

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    Jorge Linares! He 's had a 4 month rest.. Or Commey?


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      They could have used tank as the hero for the victims and made rolly the evil sexual predator villian and sold a bunch of ppv’s.


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        Michael Conlon hasn't signed and would give him a scrap.


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          Rolly really knows how to f-ck up an opportunity. I guess this is karma because he didn’t deserve the fight to begin with.

          I liked the way Rolly responded to the haters. Liked the way he tried to sell a fight a lot of boxing fans criticized.

          But a sexual assault accusation is not something they can just ignore. So it’s on to the next.


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            Why not devin Haney oh ya I forgot. Its all about in house with may weather . I think that shows more clout , taking a championship from a fighter on another network but that's just me .


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              Some of these "victims" need to be dealt with if they're caught lying or the story just doesn't fully add up.

              What are fans of any sport or public figure supposed to do when fights get canceled? Players get benched or cut? Huge events get canceled? Men lose their jobs? It's just dumb.

              I read the tweets and it's just stupid at this point. Let's please be sure to leave room for the real victims out there and not these attention seekers. I just can't wrap my mind around how a woman gets into a "sexual" scenario (e.g., hotel rooms, cars in dark parking lots, etc.) with a man, but expect observers to not ask the hard question(s), "Why were you in a married man's hotel room at any time of the evening?" or "Why were yall engaging in foreplay or kissing, etc.?" Oh, that's right...because one or both of them wanted ONE thing!

              It's just stupid to me and it's also sad how easy men have to stop what they're doing to address allegations from somebody who clearly isn't getting any attention or a piece of the man's "new" life. Some of them need to understand that they were willing participants, groupies even- their plan just didn't work the way they imagined.

              Again, we need to leave room for the REAL victims and not these, "He did X, Y, Z....let me know if you want anymore details" women who are looking for a payout or in need of a reason to ruin your success.


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                Someone teach this b!!!tches math, a percentage (%) of $0 is still $0, that's also what Rolly is getting paid, since this fight is canceled.

                Innocent until proven guilty, FREE-ROLLY!


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                  So is it off officially yet??


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                    Originally posted by The tucker View Post
                    They could have used tank as the hero for the victims and made rolly the evil sexual predator villian and sold a bunch of ppv’s.
                    made Rolly ? He already is I reckon