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Comments Thread For: Jaron Ennis On Dulorme Fight: I'm Not Stanionis; Whole Different Animal; Not A One-Trick Pony

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    Originally posted by BoxingIsGreat View Post

    I respect your opinions, bro, but we can't like everyone. Those chicks can fight and are highly skilled. They have also done way more than those two guys. I don't care about their gender. I see them solely as boxers. I didn't say those guys are bad, but I'm just not seeing what the hype is about.
    Ok I gots you bro....much respect. To me I feel as though its 1989 and I'm in high school and my boy told me to look out for this new kid from the olympics named RJJ and I didn't really pay attention to him his first few years because I was to caught up in Tyson, Sugar Ray and Sweet pea. I believe this kid is the second coming of RJJ and I'm not gonna miss a fight. Virgil is really good to but not on Boot's level. As far as the girls, I wish them much success but if I watch a sport I can only watch it on its highest level. That's why I cant watch the WNBA. Wait I partially take that back because there is one female-ish chic I can watch and that's Amanda Nunes. Now that chic can ****!