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F3ck the Haters, that boy Shakur is a problem

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  • F3ck the Haters, that boy Shakur is a problem

    Man that boy putting it together. He's realized that he doesn't have to fight off his back foot the whole fight. His man strength, as Bradley said, is coming in, so he can fight in the inside when needed. I'll tell you what, Shakur WIPES 130, and depending on how he looks at 135, I think he could wipe there too. Nobody, I mean nobody, looks as sharp as Shakur, up to 147. But, Tank beats him at this point. But I think in a few years, Shakur finds a way to neutral Tank, similar to what Ward was able to do to Kovalev.

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    I don’t know why everyone is acting like he hasn’t fought this come forward style before. He has against several opponents. With that said, it was a great performance. His only limitation is his power. Coming forward is the only way he will be able to generate it…and against more skilled fighters he will certainly be on the backfoot.

    Good performance but Jamel was very limited and the odds reflected that unusually well. 9 to 1.