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  • Comments Thread For: Chris Eubank Jr To Return in December: Eyes Liam Williams, Saunders

    Newcastle, England - A withdrawal before the sixth round brought an end to Chris Eubank Jr's fight against tricky challenger Wanik Awdijan (28-2, 11 KO's).
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    ‘I was told he was an orthodox fighter then he came in southpaw’ (not a verbatim quote, but that’s the gist of what he said).

    Some boxers live and breathe boxing; watch videos on days off, spar different fighters, listen to different voices; coaches, ex-pros.

    The remark above probably exemplifies why Eubank Jr. has done **** all with his career and instead walks into nightclubs with third tier belts over his shoulder.

    Between never having had sustained coaching for the first 20 years of his career (or whatever) and needing to be ‘told’ what sort of fighter someone is instead of participating heavily in the preparation for said fight, we’ve got a guy whose dedication to boxing is minimal.
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      I'm glad I got rid of Sky many years ago with their crap PPv's and now their pointless flagship fighter who has done NOTHING in his 'career' apart from mouth off. Edward Hearn who now wants to stamp on Sky having had what he called at the time a 'family type relationship' with them insists that the next offering from sky is this same nobody fighting Liam Smith on Sky PPv same Liam Williams who was stopped at super welter! Watching Sky boxing these days is almost like watching a live Hen night , the are churning out some real shyte ...good old weird Adam Smith never ceases to amaze.


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        “Only big fights and big names “ Liam Williams ? …. Son your 32 now….


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          Damn, Roy Jones has Eubank Jr breaking ribs now.