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Why Do People In The UK Like Anthony Joshua so much more than Fury?

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  • Why Do People In The UK Like Anthony Joshua so much more than Fury?

    Im from America so please help me understand it.
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    fury is a gypsy, they tarmac driveways, skip serf, rob houses etc, they are not that popular, avoided for the most part

    oh most have big irish connections and uk people dont have a high opinion of irish people in a lot of cases, undeserved for the most part i would say
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      Joshua has more mass appeal


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        Matchroom marketing machine: media training, sponsorships, PR campaigns & placement. He also looks like a Greek sculpture which is a massive help.
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          Nah brah a lot of them jumped off the Joshua bandwagon after his most recent loss. He's a "brotha" now.


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            Media training, Fury is a gypsy, and AJ is politically correct usually.


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              oh yeah hes also said on camera such things as a womans best place is in the kitchen and on her back & lots of other stuff regards gays who hes likened to pedos, so yeah hes pretty conservative in his views & a god fearing man it seems to me
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                People love fake people so AJ is popular due to his act he puts on for the cameras.

                Fury probably isnt liked cause he flip flops on what he says all the time. One day he'll say oh yes ima fight till 50, then he'll say yeah one more fight and im done. ACTUALLY he just recently said he might retire now that he beat wilder in the trilogy. You cant believe anything he says.

                AJ also looks great and is a role model for that reason. Fakers are always great rolemodels in our world you know how it goes.

                One thing I do love about AJ is that when he says something he usually means it. He is a professional and more reliable, Fury is a loose cannon i'd never do business with someone like that.
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                  The comments on this thread are laughable.

                  It’s either most of you started watching boxing in 2018 or you have complete amnesia.

                  Fury was a boring (more boring than Rigo) and negative boxer with a big mouth. And his fights were a snore fest. Also, during his amateur days, he was a confused guy who couldn’t decide if he wanted to fight for GBR or Ireland. One minute he’s representing GBR, the next minute he’s representing Ireland. And he also did that a few times when he turned pro, especially when he ducked Pricey who’s a fan favourite due to his style with KOs and who won bronze for GBR at the Olympics.

                  AJ on the other hand built his name from his amateur days due to his power. Fury also helped the AJ hype when he went live on radio with Steve Bounce as the British Champion in the pro ranks and talked about an amateur (AJ) in Team GB that beat him in sparring. And winning gold at the London Olympics kind of created the nucleus of his fan base. When AJ turned pro - there were doubts about him if he would become the next Lennox or Pricey/Audley Harrison. However, he came into the pro ranks knocking everyone out and his fights were exciting to watch unlike the boring Fury. The ladies also loved him. AJ turned into a megastar the night he beat Wlad. Most didn’t give him a chance because he was still a novice but he earned everyone’s respect the way he did it by getting off the floor.

                  Stop creating fantasies - it has nothing to do with Fury being a gypsy. With everything Fury has said, he ought to be hated but he has been given more passes than AJ would ever dream of.

                  Fury isn’t the only gypsy boxer the U.K. has produced - there are tons of them. But it’s funny that Fury is the only one that gets the gypsy excuse.

                  BJS is also a gypo - I guess people don’t like him because he’s gypsy and not because he’s a very boring/negative boxer with a big mouth like Fury.
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                    Originally posted by Butt stuff View Post
                    Matchroom marketing machine: media training, sponsorships, PR campaigns & placement. He also looks like a Greek sculpture which is a massive help.
                    Why do some of you tell porkies to suit your fantasies?

                    Why isn’t Whyte as big as AJ if it were Matchroom?

                    Dubois, despite not having AJ’s qualities, physical attributes, talent and amateur pedigree representing GBR at the highest level was on AJ’s trajectory until he quitted against Joyce. And it was sole based on the fact that he was sparking everyone and his fights were fun to watch.

                    Or did Matchroom propaganda also make Dubois popular?

                    Funny how you ignore the fact that Fury fights throughout his career were a snore fest until his 2nd fight against Wilder.