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Seemed like more Americans were rooting for Fury

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    Murica divided by racial lines? u don't say... Yeah I notice a lot of the MAGA to white supremacist crowd are ecstatic that Fury beat Wilder by vicious KO.


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      I'm american and I've never been a beyonce wilder fan. Why? well for starters he was the most protected fighter coming up. bum squad was fighting cans well into his 30s. Then you had the paid bum squad shills on here trying to convince everybody wilder is great and that he could beat any heavyweight in history LOL! lastly we all know wilder is not a good guy but it's worse than that! wilder is straight scumbag status! all that talk about wanting to kill a fellow boxer in the ring and then when his ass got dominated he made pathetic excuses instead of being a man.


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        GTFOH with that racist trash. People don’t like Wilder cuz he’s chosen to be a POS outside the ring. And then he fired his trainer for protecting and prolonging his life?!? F him. But good fight nonetheless.


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          I usually root for the black guy because they tend to be defensively responsible and slique

          anyways I was rooting for Fury

          many blacks in the lounge I was at felt letdown after Deontay was beat ko’d


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            Originally posted by Abby26 View Post
            Its racial. blacks are only 12.8% of the population but commit 56% of the murders. So whites imagine how much safer and nicer the US would be without them. Dave chappelle has shown us that hating is ok. he hates trans. whites hate black. life goes on. Thank God i was blessed white. we run dis ****


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              Only blacks like wilder

              Most other Americans don’t like him for the way he acts and always playing the victim role.


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                Regardless of your race, if you come out saying some of the stuff Wilder (Haney/Bhop etc) said about race/white/black, I think you'd have to be a super cuck to really root for him if you weren't a part of his tribe/crew.

                When the bell rings though, just let the best man win. These guys have to promote themselves most of the time so I don't really hold much of what they say against them. But yeah after a while you start to get a feel for how someone really feels, and you react/treat them accordingly.

                It's hard to not respect these guys though as they are doing really brave work in the ring. So when the fight starts, just let the best man win. I've never really understood the overly emotional backing of a fighter in a fight. Win lose or draw, just let the best man win and if it's the other guy, oh well, it happens sometimes.


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                  Tbh I would've rooted for Wilder, the American, if he and his fan base weren't racist


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                    [QUOTE=DaNeutral.;n31131059]All Wilder's racial stuff must put some of his white fans off him, I saw the same in the UK with Joshua. But at the same time alot of his pathetic excuse making made him quite embarrassing to support too.

                    But America does seem a real racist country I can see why African Americans feel the need to stick together and promote their own as much as they do. [/QUOTE]

                    Very low IQ comment. Any country where different races are living together, you could argue it is a 'very racist country' - it's human nature to be more comfortable with people who look like you and to be wary of those who are different. These 'incidents' will be highlighted by our very cosmopolitan media as well.

                    The UK seems to have just as much of a problem over there between their native population and blacks/Muslims. The taunts/expulsions at soccer games for instance. And the non-white population of the UK is only maybe 10%. It's about 35% here in the US.