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Fury's dad explodes: "we're not fighting Dillian Whyte"

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    Fury wasn't his best so might need another bout before usyk/josh fight? Why the might be good opponent


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      Originally posted by Toffee View Post
      Fury can rightfully claim he's better than all these fighters.

      But that's not the same as beating them.

      Champions take on challengers. Not just hand picked challengers of the right style and time, but mandatories that they didn't pick too.

      Throwing his belt away instead of fighting Whyte wouldn't be a good look.
      Joshua lost his titles on mandatory but at least he didn’t back away from it......he could have binned his belt but Joshua took the challenge.

      5 months ago fury didn’t even want to face wilder and was only forced by the all of a sudden the fury fans are content with once again fury fighting meaningless fights and not facing his tougher challengers to prove he really is the best.....I don’t get it

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        Originally posted by denium View Post

        Mate you need to come to reality and realise that Joshua ain't gonna go into any shoot out with a killer like Deontay Wilder.

        Joshua fights scared now, he had a wide eyed look of fear against little Usyk.

        I agree with you about the rest, Fury should fight Whyte at Old Trafford and then fight the winner of Usyk-AJ 2
        wilder has never been any good period....,Joshua got into a shootout with klichcko and koed him.....and yes klitchcko sparked wilder many times in’s an illusion denners....wilder was always piss poor.
        joshua for what ever reason decided to box with usyk which really was a foolish mistake because you don’t try and box with a master southpaw just don’t and he lost....will he beat usyk in the rematch I don’t’s going to be an uphill task.
        He didn’t look scared he was psyched out and tried to hang with usyk and paid the price.
        Deontay wilder is a dangerous puncher for sure but it’s lack of defence and bad balance which would play into Joshuas hands......There is no shame in losing to usyk because I think he is special and I hope we get to see him in there with Tyson fury.
        Usyk was Joshuas mandatory and he backed away from it and neither should fury with whyte


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          Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post

          Yeah I’m speaking hypothetically. Dillian wouldn’t go near Hughie. Hughie used to bust him up in sparring.
          That may be the case but that’s cause hughie fights as a boxer, Box and move. Tyson doesn’t do that anymore with this new ‘knockouts only’ trainer, thus he will get knocked out cold


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            - -Lessee, grass green, sky blue, Fury poppy explodes is news...


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              Originally posted by denium View Post
              John Fury also told Tyson to drop the WBC belt and fight Joshua, and that didn't happen.

              Nobody is scared of Whyte, he got chinned by an ancient Povetkin and because he beat a covid riddled shell of the man in a rematch, he seems to think that we've all forgotten it.
              I'd actually like for Wilder to get his hands on Whyte before.


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                If Whyte beats Wallin, the same guy who busted up Fury real good 'Fury will have no choice, but to face Whyte'.

                Kronk Fury is not Peak Fury, and I think John Fury knows this deep down.

                Fury has been knocked down 4 times since his comeback, cut and busted up in most of his fights 'No longer the Riddler or hard to solve'.

                Fights that would of been easy for Fury under Peter Fury, are now difficult fights.

                Whyte vs Fury will be a great event, more passion and brutality.

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                  Your mancrush got exposed and his career will be finished in march. so stfu!


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                    Originally posted by Mr Giggles View Post

                    That may be the case but that’s cause hughie fights as a boxer, Box and move. Tyson doesn’t do that anymore with this new ‘knockouts only’ trainer, thus he will get knocked out cold

                    Fury could genuinely beat Whyte with one hand tied behind his back. Whyte is sh**. Fury, Usyk, Wilder, Joshua etc all deal with him easily, I really don’t get why people think Whyte belongs anywhere near the top Heavyweights.


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                      Originally posted by Weebler I View Post
                      Whyte has to beat Wallin.

                      Anyone remember the Fury v Wallin fight? I do, it warranted a rematch.
                      It really didn't lol. Wallon caught Fury with a nice shot and cut him, it happens. Fury dominated him in the fight and won. Wasn't close
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