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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury is One Of The Biggest Cheats in Boxing

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    Originally posted by DaNeutral. View Post

    Yes he did, he did the PEDs, got caught, served a ban. If Wilder had a problem with that he shouldn't of fought him.

    But he didn't fail any tests when he fought Wilder, either time, neither did Wilder who claimed he himself had been drugged. Nor has anything been proven about all of Wilder's other allegations.

    And to be honest he only chooses to discuss it with ppl who won't question his accusations while he literally refuses to say a word to the ppl who would which shows he's just talking crap. I mean heavy suit? Dented head? Lol its ridiculous.
    100% agree with you. The point I was trying to make is that Fury always gets the benefit of the doubt as if it never happened.


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      Originally posted by chaosisme View Post
      The more they talk, the less interested I am in the fight.
      Well, that’s what happens in boxing so go get down and watch Family Feud, some gay ass remark anyways.


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        wider got beaten totally dominated in every facet of boxing and suffered the worst one sided beat down of a champ even undefeated in the history of boxing. wilders not sucking fans have to be brain damaged and on hardcore drugs not to admit to that


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          Originally posted by paranoidandroid View Post

          so wilder represents all of us american fight fans? that's ridiculous. grown up man.

          I said most, not all.

          I don't think you read the forum if you think differently. Watch out for the contradictions, hypocrisy, slander, projections, delusion, lies etc etc...


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            Wilder, you're almost certainly misrepresenting the issue. Fury's drug tests have included 'recreational' drugs, as well as some confusing results, post both the Klitschko and Hammer fights where Nandrolone was detected but the conclusions inconclusive.

            As far as I'm aware of Fury has admitted to suffering from mental health issues which almost exclusively implies recreational drug use.

            Now I've stated on here many a time that the two are not the same.

            The only 'recreational drug' that could be classified as a PED is methamphetamine.

            There needs to be separate processes for fighters who test positive for Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, Psychedelics, and Psychotropics'- as these are NOT PED's.

            In light of this, I wonder if Wilder would be willing to come forward and deny that he has ever used recreational drugs. Hmm...

            Boxing is well behind popular sentiment and opinion when it comes to gender equality, rational discernment between drugs of recreation and those of PED's.

            These are young men and women who make extraordinary sacrifices by torturing their bodies for months before a fight. It is only natural if one of those fighters were to celebrate by indulgence after living and breathing a regiment that a teetotaller would balk at.

            Societies opinions have changed, and that's what matters here - not some outdated, gung-ho Nixon era zeal about 'all drugs are bad' mmkay ( Mr. Mackey )

            In fact, alcohol is head and shoulders the most damaging 'drug' out there. It leads to violence, spousal abuse, lowering of inhibitions, and is head to toe more damaging to the body.