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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury is One Of The Biggest Cheats in Boxing

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    Originally posted by chepboxingking View Post

    Did Fury not receive a 2 year ban for cheating? He did. Depression is nothing to joke about, but I always thought it was so convenient he was serving a 2 year suspension during the whole depression ordeal.
    Yes he did, he did the PEDs, got caught, served a ban. If Wilder had a problem with that he shouldn't of fought him.

    But he didn't fail any tests when he fought Wilder, either time, neither did Wilder who claimed he himself had been drugged. Nor has anything been proven about all of Wilder's other allegations.

    And to be honest he only chooses to discuss it with ppl who won't question his accusations while he literally refuses to say a word to the ppl who would which shows he's just talking crap. I mean heavy suit? Dented head? Lol its ridiculous.
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      Please don’t ruin his name, Wilder, just punch him till you’re satisfied.


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        Malik Scott reputation on line.


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          When Wilder was knocking everyone out, he had no excuses and took all the credit for that. For 40 or so fights, u never once heard any public complaint about Mark Breland, because he was winning. As soon as he loses, excuses galore. He talked about egg weights, gloves, costumes, spiked water, referee and a bunch of other stuff. He never talked about how he never slipped, blocked, ducked, parried, or countered anything Fury threw on the night he lost, and how he got hit with everything in the book. No comments about his terrible defense that night. Now he's back, and gives no credit to his new trainer for teaching him anything, says he already knew everything he's doing and that this trainer is just "bringing it out of him". So he has a serious problem accepting responsibility for his own shortcomings as a fighter, and for giving proper and full credit to his own trainers.
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            Yea wilder history repeats itself

            Before the 1st fight you said you were gonna destroy him & Fury said you couldn’t beat him. Fury saw the final bell & you just barely squeezed out a “draw” & in the eyes of the majority you should have lost.

            Before the 2nd fight you talked about decapitation, & baptism & Furys eyes were gonna roll to the back of his head. Fury said he was gonna run out to the middle of the ring and stand right in front of you. He beat your ass all over the ring so bad your corner had to save you

            Before this fight you’re again talking about decapitation & Homicide & being so violent blah blah blah…

            We heard it all before. But oh let me guess, he wasn’t serious before, but this time you really really REALLY mean it !!

            If history repeats itself I’m more inclined to believe thst fury is gonna whoop your ass again. Then what will the excuse be ?


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              For a man who came out of an "autopsy" he is Einstein... LOL.


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                Well if that’s so and Wilder your corner didn’t catch it or complain during fight not afterwards then you have some of the worst corner people in boxing. (Fact)! The facts are you got your ass whipped and can’t handle truth, see the Nation of Islam wouldn’t fuk with U either, you have a problem with truth. The truth is you can’t box and are a one trick pony and we the black community can’t wait til it happens again, going to fire Mark after he saved your got dam life!


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                  I'll say this.

                  It IS true that Tyson Fury has a track record of cheating.

                  Yet for some reason he's the only fighter who can fail a test for a clear steroid but get a pass from NSB.

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                    Fury draws the line at putting metal pins in his hands.


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                      King Wilder and real boxing fans know Fury is a disgusting cheater.