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  • Comments Thread For: Vitor Belfort: There is No Doubt I Would Knock Jake Paul Out

    Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort, 44-years-old, has continued to call for a boxing showdown with social media star Jake Paul (4-0, 3 KOs). Belfort returned to a boxing ring last Saturday in Florida, and he picked up a first round stoppage over former undisputed heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.
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    Belfort KO’ed a 60 year old and now he is ready to take on Tyson Fury.


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      It doesn't take much to beat Jake Paul. Vitor has some good power. It's just for the money, to call out the sideshow boxer Paul.

      Credit to him though for making good money , although some of the best boxers in the world would be upset that the Paul brothers somehow got paid more than they do.


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        This Brazilian cheater need to go in jail for using TRT and steroids and fighting vs clean alcoholic guy like Bisping and destroyed his eye for ever


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          It wouldn’t take much to beat either Paul brothers.

          For where they are at, they are good novice boxers they do have some basic skills and abilities and they could get a few wins here and there against has beens and celebrities with no experience, as they’ve already shown. They do seem to be athletic. The problem is that their bodies aren’t accustomed to go rounds.

          They’re starting out the gate going 6 or 8 rds when they should be at 4 rds. They don’t have the lungs to last that long in the ring. Just look at their fights. They’re beyond gassed past rd 3.

          But once they face REAL boxers, the show is over. My guess is that Fury beats him from ring post to ring post. And I’m saying this without even seeing Fury fight.


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            Yes he would beat Paul. And yes Belfort has always been a PEDs user. This was par for the course for MMA back in the early UFC and especially Pride years. I can recall when Belfort got off the horse pills after his loss to RandyC, he quickly lost a lot of that muscle mass. Steroids are so common and n Brasil, guys juice hard just to go to the beach and get the attention of the Brasileiras. The fact that a pro athlete has had to use TRT for so long tells you that his own natural supply is kaput


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              Jake Paul has multi fight deal with Showtime sports, so Triller and Vitor are just wasting everyone's time and trying to use Jake's name for publicity.