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    By Cliff Rold - Almost anyone born in the post-Atari age knows the term well. Boss battle. It's the end of the line, either for a particular level to a game or, finally, the ultimate nemesis, the big boss, to be overcome. By the time most read this, the world will know whether or not US featherweight Duke Ragan was able to overcome Russia's Albert Batyrgaziev to end a gold medal drought stretching back three Olympiad's to 2004. For the Tokyo Games, he is Ragan's final boss.
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    The Olympics drawing attention and new eyeballs to the pro side of boxing is all well and good, but the reason it loses the fans in the first place is because the best don't fight the best regularly enough. Until that changes for good boxing will always only get sporadic attention from the masses.


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      Good article. Respectfully, the article should have included the times that each of them will fight.

      Jalolov-Torres: 3AM Pacific Time.