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Comments Thread For: Jonnie Rice Upsets Michael Coffie, Stops Him Fifth Round

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  • Originally posted by Damn Wicked View Post
    This was a totally one-sided fight. Coffee was eating almost every punch from Rice.

    I was thinking how this reminded me of Tyson vs Douglas and then 2 minutes later Brian Kenny says that.
    a mi tambien me recordo tyson vs douglas ajja
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    • Originally posted by -Kev- View Post

      I follow boxing every day, know a little bit about each division, above casual level, have been watching boxing since the 1990s as a child. I have never heard of this Coffie guy until tonight.

      Now I am not saying I am the standard for what makes a boxer known or hyped. Like if Kev knows him, then he is known. If Kev doesn’t know him, he is unknown. Nothing like that. All I am saying is that I follow boxing everyday and check in to read news and posts every day. This is the first time I have heard of Coffie. Never seen posters hype him up.

      I think we need to calm down with saying any black fighter who loses is a hypejob who was exposed and will certainly not be the next Muhammad Ali. I do not think 8-9 fans and 2 journalists hyping up a fighter means the fighter was generally hyped by the boxing community.
      No offense kev but his fight against Darmani Rock was nationally televised. Obviously you missed that card but Coffie has been hyped recently!


      • Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post

        Big time. It's either somene like Anthony Dirrell or David Benavidez which we know Plant wants no part of.

        I thought Rice looked pretty decent. That version of him likely beats Gerald Washington.
        I thought Rice looked good too and I think he could beat Washington. I even think he could’ve beat Ajaba if he had used a better game plan.


        • I agree with the posters here who have said that Coffee was getting lots of hype. He definitely was getting more hype than a guy at his level deserved.


          • I did not see anything in those two guys that can give me any confidence.