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Thurman says he would fight Tank at 147.

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    Originally posted by Left Hook Tua View Post

    You know how quarterbacks get old and start diving down to avoid hits?

    I think Keith is there as a boxer tbh.
    That’s a f***ing great comparison man. Completely agree with that.


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      Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post

      That’s a f***ing great comparison man. Completely agree with that.
      He just got old and soft (mentally)

      physically I think he still got it

      But the old Thurman i remember would box and bang

      He was quite entertaining and wasn't afraid

      Something changed

      He is a smart dude, quite eloquent for a boxer too

      Maybe he doesn't wanna end up slurring like toney and holyfield and them

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        To be fair to Keef he was just asked a question he wasn't directly calling Tank out. But at the end of day who gives a fkk. Tank is a joke, I'm a Boxing fan and if Tank and his masters don't want to treat his career as a actual sport and try to be as good as he can be against the best the he can go suck my hairy balls the dwarf cvnt. And Keef is a bell end too.


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          Why not fight a 147 @ 147 ?


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            Ellerbe responded to Thurman via Twitter by saying that he would make this fight happen in a "nanosecond" if Thurman made the phone call to ask for it. But he says Thurman won't want it because Tank would knock him out.


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              He is trying to do a Crawford/Gamboa move. For that Keith is brave if he feels he has the advantage, he thinks that he is entitled to a big fight.


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                Ellerbe said he would make this fight in a nanosecond but he said Keith won't take it. Thurman responded by saying send the contract.