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Hard to imagine Davis beating anyone real at 140 or 135

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  • Hard to imagine Davis beating anyone real at 140 or 135

    He’s a big puncher, we get it.

    It won’t matter against elite fighters.

    That fight was way too competitive. Davis got tagged way too often and his offense was nowhere to be found until the second half of the fight.

    Taylor, Prograis, JCR, Lopez, Lomachenko, all outclass him.
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    He is a big puncher, but big punchers usually lose to boxers.

    When he fights elite fighter, he will lose. Loma schools him easily.
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      Agreed, I dont see him being this great fighter that everyone is making him out to be. Seems like another Adrien Broner type.
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        hes not good. they know hes not good, thats why they are matching him soft. its a grift
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          Don't worry, theyll get about 40 fights out of him before he fights anyone elite


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            Davis could possibly stop all of them, the trouble with Davis is he relies on his power, he needs to work more efficiently he has the tools and reflexes to give anyone a hell night in the office.
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              He's on the Wilder path of beating multiple bums to pad his KO record.


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                He's being brought up slowly and against fighters that won't hurt him. His skill and Power is there, but we haven't seen him in with someone who can hurt him back


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                  Taylor will toy with him. No chance against Loma, Haney, Lopez or Garcia at 135.

                  I predict Mikey calls him out at 140 and Tank goes into hiding. Or gets himself arrested again.


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                    Doesn't seem too hard to imagine imo