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Comments Thread For: Joshua on Wilder: He's Not Elite Level, I'm Not One of The Tomato Cans He's Knocked Out

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    Originally posted by Andre_parker1 View Post
    Joshua knocks him out cold, common sense speaking....
    Hmm. Ok

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      Man, you were beaten like a dog by small fat Mexican.


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        Such big talk from the man who was thoroughly dominated by mid tier Ruiz.


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          No lies told.

          Josh sparks Wilder and Fury on the same night and still smash Rihana the same night. Wilder ends up in a coffin and Fury ends up slumped in a caravan.

          AJ is the only elite boxer is the division hence they both stay ducking him.


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            Originally posted by chepboxingking View Post
            Styles make fights, and that couldn't be more apparent than the current HW division. Wilder sparks everyone not named Fury, meanwhile a matchup between JoshuaV.Fury is a toss-up because they match up so well.
            Wasn’t Wilder getting outboxed by that tiny bald soccer hooligan? Going to war with Eric Molina? The truth is Ruiz has real pedigree, and was a noted prospect at one time. I think we’d all be surprised by who would beat Wilder if he ever fought anyone.


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              He does have some point. Wilder has mostly knocked out tomato cans, but does have right hand power.

              Joshua had that upset loss to Ruiz but rebounded well. His chin is a bit dodgy, but he certainly has better fundamentals than Wilder.

              Fury is the guy at the top at the moment.


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                Joshua won't past 2 rounds against the killer Wilder


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                  The day will never come because wilder is rigged fraud pretender. All of his fights are rigged in one way or another. That's why his masters won't sacrifice him to AJ - they know he will be ten counted and his career would be over. SO they just pretend to want AJ, even when the $120m offer comes, they run away like the lying rat cowards they are. Haymon thinks he can rig wilder back into prominence and big money with another fake fury fight. which if it sells big they will do another. if they make big money with this next fury skit BS, then they can keep ducking AJ. But if wilder fury 3 fake draw fails they will have to sacrifice fraud wilder to AJ.

                  AJ knows all this, so does Hearn. so the only way to force wilder vs AJ is to boycott wilder vs fury 3 fake fight.


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                    Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post
                    Man, you were beaten like a dog by small fat Mexican.
                    you would think wilder and fury would have half your confidence to fight AJ. But for some reason they both keep ducking AJ and pretending to want AJ and fooling fools like you.


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                      Ruiz is like a God on Wilders record.

                      Literally no joke, for more than half his carear Wilder fought no hope journey men to buff his knock out percentage. At 23 fights it was Owen Beck (yeah who the **** is that) who lost his last 6 fights !!!!!!!!!! and that was rated one of his best wins at the time ... he should have been unifying by then instead he actually got dropped by one of those bums and the videos erased from youtube by Haymon.

                      Joshua fought Ruiz in his 23rd fight.

                      You can LDBC this all you want but Wilders record is **** and he conned the boxing public.

                      First decent boxer he fought he got smashed, first time by an obese recovering drug addict / alcoholic.

                      Originally posted by Alf Stewart View Post
                      Yet AJ got absolutely smashed by a morbidly obese tomato can.