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Comments Thread For: Fury: Wilder Not Answering Questions At Press Conference Shows How Weak He Is Mentally

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    Boooooooomb there's only one Tyson Fury squuuuaaaaaaaaaad


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      Malik Scott said Wilder didn't answer any questions because he's similar to Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson.



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        Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
        If you hate wilder for whatever reason you hate him for…..because he’s American and you’re British, or because he’s country from Alabama, or because of his excuses to why he lost, or because he wouldn’t be controlled by young Edward Hearn, or because he wouldn’t fight for dazin, or because he’s black American and you don’t like black American fighters, or because he fights for al haymon, or because you hate his style, whatever, then you’re going to look at his silence as something that favours Fury because you want Fury to win. I’m both British and American, I don’t have this fear of black Americans, I very much dislike wilder’s lazy style of giving away rounds, absolutely love what al Haymon has done for AMERICAN boxing, and I think Fury should be the favoured fighter and will likely win.
        now having said that…..I have this feeling that this fight IS NOT going to go the way the the last fight did. Even if fury wins by points or stopping wilder I just have the feeling that we will see fury in some trouble in this fight….possibly cut or with a swollen eye. What I saw with wilder is extreme focus….he is channeling all of his anger, his fear, his hate, his passion for his children’s future, the negativity of the British trolls who hound his social media, and saving it to make him hot and on fire on fight night. We will undoubtedly see the most in shape wilder we have ever seen.
        Before the last fight I suspected fury would win when wilder dismissed fury’s power. A man who outweighs you by 40+ lbs, he hits hard enough to hurt you. Weight properly pivoted with the hips and knees translates to power. I was not surprised at what happened to wilder. This fight, I just don’t see it as a copy of the last…
        Oh shut up you mug, oldSchoolF00L. Did young Hearn have a crack at your old lady? The hate is much from you while Eddie doesn’t even give a craap you are...get a life ldiot!


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          This reminds me of the lead up to the third fight between Tarver and Roy. Roy was basically media silent, brought in his father to train him, and showed up the the weigh in with a thick ass, unshaven beard lol.

          All of those things were signs Roy wasn't quite there mentally and I feel Wilder is in a similar place. He doesn't want to hear any questions that might allow doubt to creep in or be amplified.


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            He’s afraid/embarrassed to talk any of his nonsense outside a little safe space where nobody will ridicule him, the headphones and glasses have predictably only fooled his single digit IQ fan base.

            Still hope he sparks Fury though.


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              Wilder is a disgrace and doesn’t have the mentality and mind of a champion, he is a coward, a chicken that first ran from post fight conference and now this...keeping silent like a coward hoping no one asks him questions on his 1001 excuses.

              Wilder is the biggest fraud-ex-champ! He makes American boxers look like cvnts!!!


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                The best thing wilder can do right now is stfu and not say anything. He is too dumb to talk to fury so this approach is actually best for him


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                  Aside from everything else, keeping your headphones on whilst you know you are going to be spoken to and asked questions, is just plain rude, and embarassing way to behave.

                  He clearly hadn't even informed people he wasn't really willing to participate, engage or communicate, as the lady asked him a question only for a long awkward silence.

                  Then his trainer answers for him. Jeez.

                  Jokes aside Tyson saying he was worried about Deontay, mental health wise after another loss I think he needs to be watched. It could actually turn out quite sad. He's not right.


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                    Originally posted by Lupara View Post
                    Whether intentional or not, Wilder took away one of Fury's (or what everyone perceives to be Fury's) best weapons - his shiiiieeettt talking.

                    Fury loves to talk and get under his opponents skin, Wilder just standing there with headphones on would have definitely annoyed Fury more than he would have let on.
                    Fury looked more bemused than annoyed. Wilder just made a complete fool out of himself like he always does.


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                      Its kinda disturbing that he goes from decapitation and body on his record to thanking Jesus.

                      dude got his own brand of crazy going on!

                      Just curious, but what if anything do y'all think Wilder was listening to ?

                      I think silence...