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Comments Thread For: Lewis Ritson: I Have No Problem With Referee Throwing Towel Back Out

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    Originally posted by tokon View Post

    Yes, brave words.
    He is smart. He knows he's not a world class fighter. He could have blamed his costume, or a hurt toe, anything. I've heard so many bad excuses and the outcome was the same. I've seen guys beat unmercifully and nobody threw in the towel. Ritson was lucky, he had his dad in the corner.


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      Originally posted by andocom View Post

      Just because he doesn't have an issue with it doesn't mean it wasn't a terrible decision from the ref, which it was.

      Ref's no doubt have a hard job deciding when to stop a fight, people will say it is too early or too late, but when the corner throw the towel in the decision is made, all the ref has to do is respect it. Did anyone have an issue with the ref stopping the Wilder fight when Fury was tuning him up and his corner threw the towel in, of course not.

      Ritson was shot, he wasn't winning that and his corner knew it, what was the point of the ref letting him take some more punishment before stopping it a bit later? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot for no reason.
      Only the ****ing fighter himself.