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  • Comments Thread For: Jose Pedraza: My Experience Was Too Much For Julian Rodriguez

    At the ****** Hotels in Las Vegas, youth was no match for experience, as former two-weight world champion Jose "Sniper" Pedraza (29-3, 14 KOs) barreled his way into the junior welterweight world title picture with an eighth-round stoppage over the previously undefeated Julian "Hammer Hands" Rodriguez (21-1, 14 KOs).
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    Did they release the official scorecards because Rodriguez claims they were even going into the 9th round I believe? Also saying his eye was thumbed AND fractured orbital bone.

    Well guy is undisciplined and also full of ****. Official cards were not even but surprised they gave him 3 rounds...

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      What’s funny is before the fight Rodriguez was saying that Pedraza didn’t do anything more sharp than him the only thing he had was experience but that he had been broken a few times in fights.. looks like he was the one that was broken … I also went on Rodrigues‘s Instagram page and as soon as I seen that it said boxer/music artist and went to see one of his songs that he had there on video I knew he was going to lose all Pedraza does is eat sleep and **** boxing not try to be a singer too lol


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        Rodriguez had a nice opening minute, nothing really happened for him but it was as good as it took Pedraza about 1:30 to adjust and bring out the jab and that was about it from there.
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