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Comments Thread For: Photos: Jose Ramirez Grinds Hard For Josh Taylor Unification

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    both have everything to lose. this is going to be a great fight. looking forward to it.


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      Is it just me or has Ramirez' body been looking less toned/defined lately?


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        Looking a little soft in the middle for being 12 days out. Should be a good fight, but I have to question his fitness/durability at the moment.


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          Originally posted by Ray* View Post
          If Taylor loses then am giving up
          Put your money on Ramirez. Why? Taylor has only had 1 round in 19 months. When has anybody from North America gone into a unification under those conditions? Exactly. It's all to do with circumstances. Nothing else.

          In fact, if you look at the defeats from British fighters over the last 20 years or so, nearly all of them have been due to circumstances. North Americans know exactly what they're doing. They wouldn't be taking these fights otherwise. And if they did, they wouldn't be winning them.

          This period in the pandemic has been free money for me. How anyone else hasn't seen the obvious is actually quite hilarious to me. Don't worry though, i'm sure it will all be addressed and corrected. Preparation is always key. You can't fight the best under those conditions and expect to win. Hell, North Americans cherry pick and have all the advantages, but still lose a lot of the time. If they fight the best while their opponent is at their best and without corruption, it's game over for them. They pick their fights very carefully. Always have.


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            Originally posted by mlac View Post

            Hes going to wake up speaking in a scottish accent.
            Man, how cool would that be. Jock Ramirez.
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