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Comments Thread For: Hearn: I Think Saunders Would Have Been Badly Hurt in Next Round

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    Originally posted by DougalDylan View Post
    I don't have any sympathy for his previous comments but ...

    i) Why didn't a doctor stop this, someone stopped the Sanchez fight and the ref stopped the Takayama fight .. they both looked fine to continue.

    ii) If Billy did fight on and got injured even worse and boxing would pay for it with health and safety arguments in future fights,

    iii) He was finished possibly won't box again .. we get to see a couple more punches if he carries on.

    iv) There are some youtube videos on what happened and what could have happened if he took another punch .. it ain't good.
    What were the rules used for the fight? We’re they unified? If so, only the ref can stop the fight. However I don’t know if he consulted the doctor or not.


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      He face was basically gonna get caved in if it carried on, it already was actually but i don't want to even imagine what would have happened if a few more nelo power punches landed in that area and u know nelo would have shown no mercy and targeted it so there was literally no other outcome at that point, I'm actually very impressed bjs stayed standing and fought on for the rest of the 8th


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        Real talk BJs would have most likely lost his eye site.


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          They should have summoned the doctor and had him make the call. But either way doesn't matter now. Canelo knew it was over and would likely have done the same. (I imagine..)