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Comments Thread For: Fury Rips Joshua: I'll Show What a Real Man is Compared To a Fake One!

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    I watched a lot of both and still think its 50:50 , maybe just a Tyson win if he goes with a jab bore fight.

    Most of these newbies have watched two Tyson fights go back watch the rest and you'll see why everyone looks less confident. He's open to the body he loves to show his reflexes off too much sometimes , Wallin, Whyte and several top coaches have said he's open to the body shot when he backs onto the ropes and slips all those head shots that follow.

    Wilder was physically weak couldn't risk a clinch as a weaker man, vulnerable at close range, needed a second to plant feet to throw a power shot and couldn't fight on the back foot at all, Tyson is more skilled but has less power. Wilder needs to relearn to use a jab not seen since Stiverne himself a terrible heavyweight champ who was gifted a belt.

    I'm seeing a Tyson win on the cards but he gets cocky he gets beaten up. Aj will hit him to the body slow him down and open up that cut with jabs then clinch and rub his head into that gash.

    Tyson by points if he keeps it long and avoids the ropes .. if I had to have money on it.

    Originally posted by miniq View Post
    AJ hasn't improved since 2014

    How about that one?

    People living in a dream thinking he can challenge Fury.

    I've yet to see anyone put down a boxing analyses where AJ beats him on points which is the ultimate write off straight away,

    Just hurr durr inside! hurr durr Cunningham dropped him! Hurr Durr uppercut uppercut! 0 IQ. AJ is slower than Wilder. Hits less hard than Wilder. Has less stamina than Wilder. Is more textbook and complete yes but that isn't an advantage against Fury who will pick you apart with ease.

    Fury will eat AJ up after jabbing his nut in for a couple of rounds.

    You will all start to see it when AJ starts to crack in the pressers alone. Going to be savage.


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      Will wager heavily on Fury. Do not see it as competitive


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        There is nothing fake about Joshua. He's a good fighter with flaws and when he says he is going to do something he either does it or atleast tries.

        Fury is the kind of guy who contradicts him self from 1 interview to the next, pulls out of rematches, is a drugs cheat and says all sorts of ridiculous things.

        Both are good Boxers, Fury beating Joshua proves he is better than Joshua, don't make Joshua a fake or a fraud. There is a lot more fakeness in the Gypsy King.
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          I guess everything that Fury says is something worth writing an article about.


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            I think Fury wins but Joshua won't be as easy as most people think. He's stronger physically than Wilder, throws good combinations and has a decent inside game. I think Fury wins by points or stops him late but Joshua will make it hard for him.


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              Maybe it's just me but I think Joshua was at his peak against Klitschko. Boxing appears to be getting better. This weekend was pretty nice for watching matches. And so was last weekend.


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                Fury, prizefighting is no popularity contest. No matter what say about you winning, on fight night the reality will get to you. AJ is a happy underdog and he's going prove a lot people wrong, again.


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                  Originally posted by Tecnoworld View Post

                  The only thing he improved is his running ability...
                  So Josh is harder to ko now as he runs. Furys win over josh would be better than ruiz ko of josh. As the running Josh is harder to ko.
                  Ruiz beating Josh first don't make it better


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                    Originally posted by thack View Post
                    Fury is the last fighter Joshua should want to share the ring with and will remind him before , during and after the fight how he will, did and is doing as he dismantles Joshua in a similar fashion to Ruiz. I see the beating being so emphatic there will be little point for Hearns double pay day. Ruiz unfortunately spoiled this fight by getting there first but with Wilder out of the picture for now it's the best heavyweight fight out there.
                    But Wilder isn’t out of the picture. Fury is refusing to fight him to complete the trilogy. It’s what Fury does, get the belt and duck the rematch (see Wlad)


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                      Love this brash Fury talk but when he has to add in "if it happens" it sounds like an escape hatch to duck the fight. Hope I'm wrong and it happens. Ducking sucks.