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Comments Thread For: Kambosos: Lopez Has a Suspect Chin, Don't Be Surprised if He Goes Down in Three!

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    Originally posted by MMegatron View Post
    u got beat by selby
    Was thinking the same thing and Selby is a career featherweight if he couldn't bulldoze him I don't see it happening with Teofimo.


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      George is like the typical Aussie fighter they come in great shape for endurance but its not powerful like the elite US fighters they are never really pumped, you can see it already with Teo he is powerful well muscled where George is marathon runner built .

      Hard to see George winning it unless its sheer work rate over the full 12 he doesnt have elite power, where as Teo can pull a one punch KO at anytime, George is open to right hands as well.

      Im looking forward to it as its a massive fight for an Aussie George will be so motivated and no doubt in shape to fight 20 rounds he reminds me a bit like a poor mans Calzaghe.


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        Now that George is saying that he will be the best Aussie ever he had better deliver, talking up a fight is one thing, predicting miracles in the name of your country is another. I'm onto you George


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          I know for experience this kid kamboso will shock the world he will beat tiofimo lopez he know the weak spot