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Comments Thread For: Ennis-Lipinets Averaged 187,000 Viewers; Showtime's Telecast Peaked At 206,000

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    I see nothing wrong with those ratings on showtime?

    I’ve seen worse ratings on fox sports are more people got that than showtime.

    also again who gives a fucc?

    I know ratings equals endorsements bla bla bla, but why are y’all concerned with that?

    Boots performance chits on anything MMA and why the need to compare both.

    MMA gets no love in Latin America and ESPN knockout and space show all the fights here and people still love boxing in Latin America and the carribean Cuba, PR, DR. DR wasn’t even a factor in boxing but now they are with a lot
    of prospects getting shine.

    hoping Fortuna bodies purse and says Que lo Que after!