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    Originally posted by miniq View Post
    I don't know how you could watch AJ box and think he can beat an on form Fury

    He almost died against Wlad
    Died against a little midget
    Looked less than great against three 40 year old midgets
    Takam got stopped early by a classic British judge
    Parker gave up the ghost in the first round

    Honestly I expect it to be a mismatch after AJ blows his load.

    Fury is going to do to him what he should have done in the first Wlad bout. He is not going to be pot shotting jib jabbing around like people think. No room to breathe, constant physical pressure with a perfect balance of offence and defence. AJ will gas and fall. A totally set rehearsed style.

    His jab and straight right to the body assault gameplan will be abandoned after 2 rounds. It's easy in practice but when you have a man throwing back moving on you it's a different ballgame.
    The only title fight Joshua has had against someone in their 40s was against Hall of Famer Wladimir Klitschko.


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      Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
      Clever bloke that frank....
      He's not stupid. His occasional tweets seem to be well written with good spelling and punctuation. At least he's smart enough to not always see everything through a poor me! racial lens. A bit like Mike Tyson in that respect, he seems to analyse fights looking at things like ability instead of thinking "I'll go for the black guy vs the white guy coz I'm black". I'm sure you'll agree that there is nothing more tiresome than those types, be they black, white, purple or whatever. Incredibly sad bastrds those people.
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        Yeah, Frank already knows what happens when an overly muscled black Brit fights a Tyson.


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          Originally posted by the d3vil View Post
          yeah, frank already knows what happens when an overly muscled black brit fights a tyson.
          who is that girl in your sig


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            Originally posted by MANNY67 View Post
            That fight ain’t happening people, don’t be fooled by the hype just as the shields vs Savannah Marshall fight ain’t gonna happen,
            I don't think Tyson FOOEY is ever stepping in a ring with Anthony Joshua.....if he does its gonna be one of the most destructive beatings we've ever seen in boxing...courtesy of AJ.

            And I get the feeling these old guys are being paid to back Tyson just makes zero sense.


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              Originally posted by LeOoze View Post

              who is that girl in your sig
              Caitlyn Anganile