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  • Comments Thread For: Joe Smith: People Are Seeing I Have Good Boxing Ability, Not Just A One-Punch Guy

    Joe Smith Jr. feels his most recent win was the performance that finally began changing the opinions of his detractors. They took notice, Smith sensed, because he defeated Eleider Alvarez not only by eventually overpowering the former WBO light heavyweight champ, but by out-boxing the Colombian veteran. The hard-hitting Long Island native was way ahead on all three scorecards when he knocked out Alvarez in the ninth round August 22 at MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas.
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    Joe Smith Jr. will show up to fight as will his opponent yet I can not get hyped about a fight that far out. Normally it would be somewhat sure in the best of boxing times but in these times I do not know. Not anything to do with the fighters just the situation, look at Martinez I was ready for that fight with Arroy but not to be and that was normal fighter cancellation. Glad they are putting the word out early shows they will be pushing to finally get this fight into the ring. it is becoming common place to have fights posted 2/3 Xs Effects of the final showdown in the ring action that is a conversation all to itself. Will there be a limited crowd I don't know. ?


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      Theres no denying he has shown noticeable improvement in his boxing ability ever since he dropped his construction occupation and committed full time to boxing. His win over Eleider was impressive but how much was that contributed to Eleider showing some wear n tear from his fights with Kov? Regardless,he got the job done and let's hope he can get a shot at Beterbiev cause that would be an insane shoot out.I can see Jr catching and putting Beterbiev down n out just as much as the other way around,cant wait.


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        Sct glad to see there are others who respect Jr's improvement and his skills and power put that all together and you got a great fighter. Yea I was angry when it got cancelled last time a fighter I have followed from early on. Nobody not coming out for a round or not mixing it up all night long. There I go getting hyped again. It is getting rare these days so many results in before the fight even starts. Under card ?


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          Although I'm indifferent to Smith as I don't believe he has what it takes to hang in there with the likes of Bivol and Beterbiev, I respect the fact that he stays comparatively busier. The division has been deep and diverse for some time - yet there isn't enough activity in what ought to be a fight frenzied division.

          I can't even recall who Bivol last fought, Haven't heard of Beterbiev's upcoming opponent, and what are all the other guys doing? There's enough talent in there to ensure an exciting match-up every three to four months but half the division seems to have gone into deep freeze.