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Comments Thread For: Reynoso Willing To Help McGregor Better His Boxing Ability, Defense

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    Great opportunity for Connor here. Would be a good PR move for everyone involved too.


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      Originally posted by PerfectJab View Post
      Really disappointed in Reynoso.

      McGregor has no boxing skills WHATSOEVER.

      His footwork is just atrocious.
      Doesn't know how to cut of the ring
      After he punches the bag with his left he has to take a step back, no balance and no weight transfer
      He stops his punch mid-air and leaves it hanging there if he sees he can't land it
      Stands on one leg when punching.
      Hasn't got a clue what to do defensively with his hands
      No logical punch combinations
      Throws the same combinations over and over.
      Admires his work, hands don't come back up
      You see he has think about every punch he wants to land. No flow.
      Technically just horrible all around. Just look how he throws the uppercut, looping whip motion
      The fact that he has no stamina whatsoever automatically disqualifies him from any serious boxing career.

      I could go on and on.
      Boxers have to be able to learn quickly from what they observe to adjust. McGregor comes with a gameplan and if it doesn't work well that's that then. He can't think on his feet during a fight and change. Even in MMA they noticed this now.after Poirier.

      The guy really has no idea what he is doing in a boxing ring
      He went for a (physical) safe payday against a retired, much lighter and smaller fighter with badly hurt hands and only wants to challenge 40+ years boxers.
      If this clown thought he could really box he would challenge GGG or Canelo but I gues it is hard to enjoy millions from a bodybag.

      Reynoso should keep the clowns out of Canelo's gym. He's already got Garcia...
      your not wrong but its clear he is trying too do karate tactics so its not fair to judge his boxing him off 2 months prep for his first ever pro boxing match and his mma fight style.


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        Originally posted by NachoMan View Post

        No offense, but Eddie Reynoso might have a bit more cred than you in evaluating boxing skill and potential.
        Well, then I sure would like to know what skill or potential he saw.