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Is Canelo Alvarez a Top 5 Mexican boxer of all time?

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  • Is Canelo Alvarez a Top 5 Mexican boxer of all time?

    Is Canelo Alvarez, as of today, a Top 5 Mexican great?
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    You got

    JCC Sr., Salvador Sanchez, Ricardo Lopez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Barrera, Morales, Arce and more

    In no particular order. That's a tough list to crack at top 5. So, no, but I think Canelo will be deserving by the end of his career. I do not believe he will lose again. So, he can definitely end up 4th or 5th of top Mexican boxers of all time. In my opinion


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      He is if you want him to be. Its subjective & kinda silly.


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        I think he is but I’m not Mexican.


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          The only thing i could see him being better at than them is ppv sales and even then his fights barely crack 350k without his daddy and stepdad froid and golovkin. Even now his ppvs probably dont even hit 200k


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            He's top 5 Juiced Beef consumer for sure...


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              - -Top 5 dumbest thread contender...


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                Originally posted by QueensburyRules View Post
                - -Top 5 dumbest thread contender...
                Says Queefsbury lol


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                  I don't see how he isn't top 5 right now


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                    It’s a great question...

                    Definitely debatable but I’d say yeah.

                    JCC and Sal are definitely in the top 5 in my estimation. After that you have guys like Barrera, Morales, Marquez, Finito, Olivares and Canelo who all have a legitimate case to fill out the last 3 spots.

                    I feel the fact that Canelo has a established himself as the P4P #1 fighter in the world definitely helps his case, none of the other fighters aside from Chavez held that position. Canelo has also held titles in multiple weight classes (4) equalling Marquez and Marquez (4) and beating Barrera (3) and Finito and Olivares (2). Canelo’s resume is also very strong it may not be as strong as some on the list but it definitely stacks up.

                    The only negatives would be the tactical matchmaking, catchweights and all the other A side BS. The drug scandal doesn’t help too but there’s a few on the list who are also suspect.

                    As I said I’d probably yeah he’s in that 3-5 position but I can understand why people may rank others above him.