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  • Comments Thread For: David Benavidez-Ronald Ellis Showtime Tripleheader is Officia...

    David Benavidez begins his quest to become a three-time super middleweight titlist. The first step on the latest journey comes March 13, when the unbeaten former two-time title claimant faces Ronald Ellis in a scheduled 12-round title eliminator. The bout will top a Showtime-televised tripleheader--which was formally announced on Tuesday--from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.
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    Benavidez & Cruz should fight better opponents I pass.


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      Hmmmm three time champion would be quite the feat to accomplish no? Some might say either praise or even criticise his choice in opponents but I guess it comes down to ones perspective


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        Not gonna complain as is clear no one wants to fight Benavidez, don't like the fight but it is what it is.


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          Cruz whips the Argentine, Clark/Gausha is a well matched fight that I've been suggesting for a while. Benavidez by brutal KO in the main event


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            Wait, wait wait, how long has this fight been in the works? March 13? Am I reading this right? LESS than two weeks? And they want to complain that Canelo didn't give Smith enough time to prepare?

            The F- is this?

            And why isn't he securing a Plant fight? All I keep hearing is "Canelo doesn't want this guy", "Canelo ducking that guy" "Canelo avoiding this other one" Meanwhile Canelo has made it clear, CLEAR, the the only immediate goals are WBO and IBF. That's it. WBO and IBF. Let me repeat it for the imbeciles in the back

            Canelo's only immediate goal is the WBO and IBF

            Your name isn't a bargaining chip, your precious "0" isn't a bargaining chip, neither is your constant crying. WBO and IBF. Only way to get the Canelo fight. Canelo has already signed on to fight Billy Joe Saunders for the WBO. So who has the IBF? Plant has it. Plant just fought and doesn't have a date set for May/June.

            So the point of my post?

            All these supposed boogeymen are all talk.

            Andrade: Fighting a can that a Canelo opponent already beat twice

            Benavidez: Fighting this can

            Charlo: Talked about going to 168, but has been in hiding after getting punked by Benavidez

            All of these boogeymen, are crying about the Canelo fight and not doing anything about it. Not a one. They think preserving their precious "0" is going to get them the fight. Pathetic.

            They're puppets. They remind me of that scene in Rocky 5 where the promotor tells Union Cane to "shup and I'll tell you who to fight, when to fight" That's how I imagine these puppets getting told when they make a suggestion.


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              Ready for this card!! But honestly we should get the Abdukakhorov fight on TV too. Undefeated prospect soon to be the IBF welterweight mandatory


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                Nice card! Looking forward to seeing "Pitbull" back in action! Hope he wins by KO! Wonder if Teofimo will stick around to fight him? I doubt it!


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                  Gausha is one of the most boring fighters to watch. (Its between him and Herring) It will prob go the distance in a snoozer. Clark is mid tier and I hope he KOs Gausha but he won't. I think Elliis is a rough cat that will go the distance. Benevides is one of the funnest to watch. It will be an entertaining fight.


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                    Showtime (PBC) with another amazing main event! Idk what is wrong with them but these cards have been subpar at best. These are FS1 events. DAZN and TR are killing them when it comes to real events.