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Comments Thread For: Canelo Enjoys Miami Vacation With Easy Stoppage Of Yildirim

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    Viva Mexico Cabrone$$$$$$! BOLA DE CULOS Y EMBIDIOSOS...


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      Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
      Saw video of Canelo and Eddy Reynoso chilling in the yacht Sunday morning.

      Living the dream.
      What a weirdo


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        Originally posted by Cobratu View Post
        Doesnt canelo have like 5 yachts now?

        gotta give it up to him guy still stays hungry despite being filthy rich
        getting excited over another man's fortune. smh way too many weirdos fans in boxing now. smh


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          Originally posted by isagj View Post

          What a weirdo
          It's nice to see people that work hard getting to enjoy the fruits of their labor. That's the American Dream in action.

          It's much weirder to hate and be envious and act like a stalker ex.


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            Glad He's enjoying his vacation and all the money he won duping everyone who paid. Yeah, lets line up more bums to take dives and add to the win column.

            This is becoming fmj 2.0.


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              Originally posted by Get em up View Post
              Ya cant blame Canelo for fighting Yildrim and honestly it looked like he went easy on him. I do blame the WBC though. Yildrim was 700 + days out of the ring and not anywhere near a top 10 super middle IMO. Its actions like this that can cause fighters to actually get hurt in the ring. NOBODY should take a knife to a gun fight!
              Isn't it Canelo who has a lot of say in his career?