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Banks: Cruisers a Step Down From Klitschko

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  • Banks: Cruisers a Step Down From Klitschko

    By Lyle Fitzsimmons - It sounds a lot like bravado.

    But when Johnathon Banks claims stepping into a ring with a cruiserweight – like IBF champion Tomasz Adamek this weekend, for example – is “a breath of fresh air,” he insists it’s not a slight toward his fellow world-class competitors in the 200-pound weight class.

    Rather, it’s indicative of how tough the Detroit native’s “day job” really is.

    Banks, who’s won 20 straight fights and scored 14 knockouts in a pro career that began in 2004, spends the bulk of his time between the ropes being hunted by much larger quarry – as the lead sparring partner for consensus world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko.

    “Every day you get in the ring with him you know he’s going to push you to perform and push you to get better,” Banks said of the mammoth Klitschko, who stands a shade above 6-foot-6 and usually weighs in a few pounds north of 240.

    “It’s the same as me preparing for an actual fight. You have to go in there ready to go or you’re going to get hurt. And by the time I’m done working with him I’m in the same or even better condition than I would be at my own training camp.”

    A long-time protégé of Kronk guru Emanuel Steward, the 26-year-old Banks first began working with Klitschko when the heavyweight was preparing to meet DaVarryl Williamson back in 2004.

    He became a regular member of Klitschko’s training team for the then-contender’s subsequent outing against Eliseo Castillo six months later, and has been there ever since. [details]